Saturday, September 5, 2009

Tiny Boxwood

So, I've been hearing about Tiny Boxwood that has great dinner. I didn't know much about it. But, couple of times we've gone, it's so packed that discouraged us of going.

We finally got in! Seating at the bar is key, service is not less than we would at a regular table. If not, the host would definitely do his best to fit you in. Our menu was a summer menu that coincided with the Hatch Chili festival. While we didn't try the fried hatch chili, our food weren't bad either.

I had their summer sangria, it wasn't open empowering with alcohol and yet fill with summer sweetness. Then, I had their crabcake pizza. It was a thin crust that you can tell they made in house. They also cooked it w/ their stone oven, and you can taste the wood, it's so flavorful mixed in with the olive oil. The crabmeat was generous, and you have some every bite.

Then on another occasion, I had breakfast there. Breakfast was much more madness than dinner. People came in for coffee and their muffins. I had 2 of their breakfast tacos with eggs, cheese and chirizo. The tacos weren't big at all, so having 2 was definitely a good call. The salsa they gave you are not spicy if anything gave the taco taste. My friend had their quiche. You can see that they made the crust there as well, but the portion was smaller than we expected.

To top of, a chocolate cookie is a must, make sure you get some on your way out.

Tiny Boxwood
3614 W. Alabama at Saint St.
Houston, TX 77027
713-622-4224 (click Cafe)