Monday, January 11, 2010

Jeannine's Bistro

So, I've heard alot about this place from my French teacher and several othe foodies around town. I was sad to know that I will never know what Cafe Montrose was. I know I should've stopped when I've driven by it many of times. Just the getting in and out in that part of Westheimer really deter me. Their old location was near alot of up and coming clothing stores and nifty vintage places. Plus, the tiny 4 lane street presents some challenge navigating the turns on that street.

Anyway, after they no longer at the Westheimer location, I heard that it was split into two. The Jeannine's Bistro & the Broken Spoke. On this cold Houston night (all of 27 degrees) I'd figured why not, let's give that a try.

When we arrived, I was surprised at how small the place is. Of course, that was magnified by the fact that there were 3 big-ish parties seated, which took up most of the space. They made the 3 side tables for twos seemed cramped. We were in luck, as when we arrived there were 2 seats at the bar. So, the bar it is.

My usual thing at a new restaurant is to ask the waitstaff what is their favorite dish for someone who've never been there nor familiar w/ the food. One recommended the Moules Marinnieres, and the other recommended Moules au Curry. You know I was feeling adventurous, why not?!

Here's my tip to you, large really do mean large. We really should've done 2 smalls and just order the prommes frites separately. The fries are yummy, and I can see that it can be addictive. The Marinnieres mussles come in the whole shell, and boiled in the seafood stalk. It came with some veggies and it's nice and cozy for the cold weather. The Curry version, came on half shell and sauce is all over, which tip from the bartender is that you should dip your frites with it. I can see why, it only makes the fries more addictive.

To top of a nice meal, we ordered the Profiterole. Boy, can I tell you that I still cannot stop talking about it. It is 4 small puff pastry, with whip cream spaced in between and ice cream in the center doused with this Belgian chocolate sauce. Let me tell you, if they are willing to bottle it up and let me take a bath in it, I would. (eww gross, I know, but it's that good.)

Staff are friendly, and keeping an eye on us to make sure we're doing ok. As tiny as the place was, people kept coming in, which is a good sign that their food and their people really make it memorable for people. I've heard that a couple had dinner there, left for a show and came back for dessert. They are 'that' type of place that you feel welcome to come back time and again.

The great news is that they will be expanding to the shop next door, so the expansion will bring on great change. I'm sure all the patrons will appreciate not having to push the chair into each other for their next dining experience at the larger shop. Either way, I will definitely go back and try other items on the menu and of course, the Profiteroles. Yum!

Jeannine's Bistro
106 Westheimer
Houston, Texas 77006
Phone: 713-874-0220