Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Arturo Boada Cuisine

Went out for a work dinner, and ended up at Arturo Borda
 It was neat to meet the Famous Arturo's Nephew, who is stepping in to help with the family business.    Did not know the Arturo besides Uptown, also had 3 other restaurants at the same time.  Talk about overly ambitious.
 For starter, we got the prosciutto and melon. I just love prosciutto, no complaints here.  
Then there's brarrata with these flat breads.  Not as good as I thought it'd be, but definitely different.
Rigatoni with grilled chicken.  It has mushroom, prosciutto, and the red sauce.  Of course, I had them doused parmesan all over too.  There's not much I don't like if you put that much cheese on there.  But the sauce itself is very nice, the entire dish is delicious.  The chicken definitely has a kick to it. 

The entire restaurant is very intimate, it fits a lot of tables for the space that its in, but it also creates a very European feel.  Every servers there are top notch, know their wines, polite, and service to the nines.  You can even get their private room at no charge, however the room only seats four, so make that a very special people at that table.  That said, reservation is highly recommended for normal dining.

Arturo Borda Cuisine
6510 Del Monte
Houston, TX 

Monday, May 30, 2016

Chuy's Sugar Land

Needed to grab a quick to-go lunch while in Sugarland, and ended up at Chuy's.
Figured I know their menu, and I know they would be fast.
 Ordered the quesadilla, which is not the types that we're accustom to seeing.  They came in soft taco form.
Inside I got cheese and chicken.  These are fajita chicken, so it has an extra kick to the taste.  Since I got to go, the guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo, purple lettuce, are all separated.  Of course, my favorite creamy jalapeño was my jam.  I basically doused it on every bite.  Yes, if you give me a straw I would drank the whole thing.  It's THAT good.

The only thing about this location is that, it's at 90 and Hwy 6, not my usual 'hood.  So, I was a bit disoriented getting there and getting out.  Turns out, it's much closer to 59 than I thought.  While we were seated right away, our server seems to be all over the map.  She had a few tables out at the patio, which was not very shaded, and a few tables indoor.  I kept not being able to track her down.  Felt like my food took extra long for some reason, especially the entire dish was easy to make and easy to fix for to-go purposes.  

320 Hwy 6
Sugar Land, TX 77478

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Going to take a quick break and go eat more stuff and report back.  Check back Monday!
I promise, really went to go eat more stuff....

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Kuen Noodle Soup

So we saw a new noodle shop in Chinatown, and was curious...
... Lan Chou is not somewhere I know in  China, but what the heck, we'll give that a shot.
 Very straight forward menu, noodles, some cold dishes, and some snack.  
 I got the Thai Tea (guess Christmas cup was in the order), and Sour Plum Soup tea.  They do have small size, ask for that if you're not up to the challenge.  
 I got the Stew Beef Ramen, it's very similar to the one at Ding Tai Fong.  Here's the difference: the soup base is very light, as opposed to the thicker soup stew.  The meat is very nice and soft, once you chew on it, it immediately falls apart.  The noodle, they definitely made in house.  First of all, there's a window, and you see the chef making the noodle.  Second, it tastes as such too.  Soup is not spicy, it's nice and smooth.  Definitely worth trying.
Green Onion Pancake, one of the best I've ever had in this town.  Can't describe it, it was fresh, and not frozen.  And it wasn't too oily too, which I always appreciated.  It's a MUST TRY!  Just take my word for it.  

The rest of the menu is really noodles, noodles, and more noodles.  We also ordered, the stir fried beef ramen, it comes out very much like the Canton Style Dry Stir Fried Beef Ho Fun, but not so oily, and Ho Fun Noodle is rice based versus the ones here are egg noodles.  Again, it's noodles made in house, so you get the difference.  But you should really try it for yourself.  It's very fresh and different. I will say this, if you were expecting the Japanese Style noodles, this is not.  This is closer to Shanghai style than anything else.  Keep in mind that all the noodles are made in house.  So, pay a visit to see that for yourself at least, you owe it to yourself.  P.S. they do accept credit cards, just not AMEX, you've been warned.

Kuen Noodle Shop
9140 A Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX 77036

Monday, May 23, 2016

Cafe Brasil

Good morning! Breakfast was in order!
Haven't been to Cafe Brasil forever, it was delightful to be there.  I love the space and the coffee is great.
 I got the hazelnut latte, it was great, don't even need to add any sugar.  Got the bacon, mushroom, and cheddar omelet.  It was nicely done, nothing too much of a pizzazz.  Nice to have fruit and potato and toast to accompany the dish, but by the time I go thru the omelet, I don't have room for much else.  I was nice to just chill and enjoy breakfast.  The space and service lends to that.  If you want a relaxing breakfast, give that a shot.

Cafe Brasil
2604 Dunlavy St
Houston, TX 

Thursday, May 19, 2016


Went for a quick dinner.  Was desperate for Ramen, and even though I was lucky enough to get a parking spot at Kata, I was not lucky enough to get a seat either at the bar or a table... 
...so went down the street to Aka instead.  
To start, I got the Yam Tempura.  I'm so glad that they are the first people smart enough to just have this order of yam by itself.  You usually have to get the vegetable tempura in order to get a few pieces of yam.  Which, let's be honest, is the whole reason for ordering it.  When was the last time you hear someone said, Hmm... Let's get it for the Asparagus Tempura?  Said no one ever!  So, I'm grateful a plate full of Yam Tempura.  Not to mention, the slices are huge... super yum!
Sadly, the bowl of ramen was just for looks.  Way too much soup and bamboo and not enough noodles or much else.  The egg was ok, there was meat in there, which is soft and easily pulled apart. But there was no flavor to the soup and I was mainly fishing for noodles.  Like I said, there weren't a lot of noodles to begin with.  Needless to say, this part of a tad disappointing.  Luckily, I had some yam left.

This is the first time ever at Aka that I'm disappointed with their food.  Usually sushi, sashimi, rolls, and cooked food are decent.  Not to mention awesome Happy Hour and drinks.  This is the first time I got something here that is subpar.  I hope that was just a fluke because I really like this place.

Aka Sushi
2390 W. Alabama
Houston, TX

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Adair Kitchen

Went to a quick lunch with a coworker.  Since Adair is nearby, thought we stop there.
I ordered the soup and sandwich combo.  Got the Tortilla Soup, not too much of the tortilla chips, you find little chunks of chicken and definitely slices of avocado.  Not too heavy, just right.  YUM!  Then got the Ham and Cheese and Raspberry Spread sandwich.  At first, I was kinda weirded out by the raspberry spread, but it's subtle and not over powering the savory flavors.  As a matter of fact, one side complimented the cheese, and the other side got covered by lettuce, you can't really pin point the raspberry, you can tell it's different but not an in-your-face punch.

So, here's the thing about lunch crowds, they are near by a big church, and several office buildings.  So, you must go early.  We got there right on the dot 11:30a and the line was out the door.  Luckily, things moves pretty quickly.  Tables, however, isn't that promising.  Though a lot of the workers have to go back to work, there were a few people conducting business meetings or using the place as an office.  So, they linger around a bit longer.  Just go early.  

Adair Kitchen
5161 San Felipe
Houston, TX 77056

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Dish Society

Went to grab a quick breakfast before kiddo's class.  Thought of just pulling up to Dish Society.
I just love their coffee.  It tasted as good as the first time I had it.  I can't exactly explain it, but it is so good that I always want to get another one.  This is a mocha latte.
Here's the Nutella French Toast.  It has whole grain bread, which you can find the grain easily.  Nutella in the middle and fruit on top.  As pretty and decadent as it is... I strongly advice NOT to pour the syrup on.  I was greedy, and thought, as all syrup should go with the French Toast.  Boy, was it over sweeten the entire dish.  And I can take a lot of sweet.  Needless to say, it is sweet on its own.  No need to put more.

It's quite deceiving, since it is embedded in the apartment building.  So, from the outside, you can't quite tell how busy they can be.  Until you pull into the parking, and see the line out the door.  Luckily, they encourage you to order before getting a seat, and usually by the time I order, a table would open up.  That was super convenient.  Everything they make is from Texas some how.  The cow, the grain, the bread, the coffee.

Dish Society
5740 San Felipe
Houston, TX 

Monday, May 16, 2016


Finally made it to the new Ramen stop out on I-10.
With all the waving banner, it was promising.  The inside looks a lot like Jinya, with the large table with the rocks in the middle.  They also have small side booths as well.  
I got the Pork Paitan, Pork broth, pork meat, scallion, onion, nori, and of course noodles.  The noodles itself was nothing special.  The broth was nice, and I can stand it to be thicker and maybe a tad oilier, though I know that's not a common thing for a lot of the diners.  The meat was awesome, it falls apart as you touch it with your chopsticks.  The egg was also one of the better ones I've tasted in months.  The veggie, soup, and noodles proportion was nicely put together.
We've also heard great things about their sushi.  But as you know, a lot of times you're filled up with noodles and soup that you don't have enough room for sushi.  This is definitely a case of eyes bigger than stomach.  We ordered the Lobster Crunch Roll.  You have tempura-ed lobster, crab mix, spicy mayo, eel sauce and a bit hot sauce plus the little crunches.  It was definitely good, not the best I've ever had, but good.

That whole meal was good.  But as you know, you're there for ramen, so between the noodles and soup, you don't have much room for anything else.  The sushi was good, and from hearing other's experience, it deserves to come back just for that.  As a matter of fact, for one page of the menu that's for ramen, the other side is all sushi related.  So, definitely worth coming back of that.

Mikoto Ramen & Sushi Bar
12155 Katy Fwy
(hiding behind Chili's)
Houston, TX 77079

Saturday, May 14, 2016


Went to happy hour with some coworkers at the St. Regis.  We ordered some food to go with our drinks...
Cheese plate, came with marmalade, sugar coated walnut, charred pear, fruit toast.  It has cheddar, brie, swiss, and can't tell the other one.  It's a nice little line up and a good start.
Grilled Chicken & Shrimp Quesadilla.  It has cheese, chicken, shrimp, corn pico, sour cream, salsa.  It's actually very delicious.  I think I liked the chicken more... but these slices are huge, you won't be hungry after that.

Remington Bar in St. Regis
1919 Briar Oaks Lane
Houston, TX 77027

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Chaste Foods (or drinks)

So we walked by this booth, and they looked interesting.  They have Infused Coconut Water, Fruit infused water, coconut milk, almond milk, all sorts of drinks.
Since my toddler cried thirsty, and you are right in front of all these bottles, the only thing you can do is suck it up and buy whatever it's in front of you.  Well, let me tell you, we got a bottle of Chocolate Milk and a bottle of Infused Coconut Water, that was $9.  At first, the lady told us it'll be $6, not realizing she was only mentioning the milk not including the water.  The water, I saw the sign, and I fully expected it.  But let me tell, you, that was the most expensive milk I've ever purchased.  The second most expensive was Cashew Milk from Blue Print Cleanse, which was averaging about $8 a bottle.  But for an 8-ish oz bottle, for $6, that's a lot!  Luckily, we split and the little one liked it.  Then on the way home, I was a little irritated on the water.  It was infused with Coconut, but not real coconut water.  If you were go to go Whole Foods and buy any one of the coconut water, it wouldn't have been $3.  

So, bottom line, nice concept, and I do want to support non-chain, local business.  But if the pricing is so high, I'm not sure I can stomach that.  Next time, I'll let my toddler sucker me into a toy than an expensive milk.

Chaste Foods

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Casian King

What I love about local festival is that they always get some fun food truck and you can make your own smorgasbord of food line up.  Super fun!
This is the Korean BBQ Poboy... That's an interesting concept.  They used a giant Texas Toast, cut it open, and filled it with Korean marinated BBQ meat, there's some slaw at the bottom.  And they drizzled their own secret mixture of mayo and scallions.  It's pretty awesome, and TONS of food.  To say it was filling was an understatement. I just have never seen them before, and was super glad to try them out.  Next time, I'm going to try Kimchi Fries with Casian Lobster... sounded good!

Casian King

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Wokker Texas Ranger

My friend Julia was raving about Wokker TX Ranger, it was perfect when I saw that they were at the nearby festival.
I overheard a guy having to explain to his girlfriend how they got that name.  And she has never heard of Chuck Norris, so then he had to go into explaining who that is and why is that name funny and the reference.  It was interesting to overhear that.
Here's their menu...
 Here's the Tamarind Ribs, which it tasted like they have cooked it for a long period of time, or sous vide.  Bottom line, the sauce is awesome, the marinate is great, and the meat is not dry but easily chew off.  I'm talking finger licking good.
 Then we have here, brisket egg rolls.  At first, they told me, they don't have it yet, but when my order was ready, they magically whipped up the egg rolls.  I'll take it.  It was a hit with my mom too.  The meat is nicely snugged inside the roll.
 Brisket loaded curly fries.  It's so bad but sooooo good.  The meats were large chunks of briskets marinated like the tamarind ribs, and they drizzle with the cheese and sesame mayo.  So good... let me tell you, it was very decadent, and let me tell you, I did not eat the rest of the day.

You have to catch them when they're around town.  They are well worth it.  I will say, don't eat before catching them, otherwise, you can't take advantage of the menu!

Woke Texas Ranger

Monday, May 9, 2016

Bistro Menil - Afternoon Tea

Quick recap of the Mother's Day Tea.  Warning photo heavy!
 Heard about their tea a few months back, was highly curious...
 The menu was full of yummy goodness, don't forget to flip to the back of the choices of tea.
 Soup du jour was a cold garlic mushroom soup.  As our server said, it was good enough to fight off vampires... it's THAT strong.
 I got the Blackberry Italian Soda, soooo good.  Not too sweet, not too creamy, just like a blackberry lemonade with fizz.
 Lovely display of our meal... wow.... good to look at and tasted good too.
 Closer look at the savory course.  How cute of them to making them this way.
We have House Cured Salmon bite with herbed horseradish mascarpone.  I liked this very much and the flavor is awesome and the flavor is awesome and well smoked.  I just don't quite care for the bread, it was a thicker toast with nuts, and I can do without the nuts.
Wild Mushroom with Walnut Pate crostini, the pate could've had more meat taste of it. Overall, it does taste good, the walnut does kick it up a notch, but nuttiness.
Here's a skewer of zucchini ribbon and Jamon Serrano, which is another name for cured ham.  It's pretty much thinly sliced of prosciutto.
Here is the mini BLT with bacon, arugula, and tomato mayo.  It is truly small and tiny.  One bite and you're done.  It's super cute and definitely fun.
 Second layer of dessert.... creme brûlée & brioche sandwich with Nutella, battered and fried.  It's very much like the HK style French Toast.  Too bad, we couldn't finish it right there and then and took it home.  It was a tad soggy by the time we ate it at home.  So make sure you eat it there.
 Chocolate Mousse with a mint cookie on top.  It was so delicious that you can taste all the little chunks of chocolate.  Very smooth and delicious.
It would be weird to have afternoon tea and not have tea.  I chose the Rose & Vanilla tea.  As the server pour it, you can smell it.  As you drink it, you can still smell it.  It was definitely refreshing and a great choice.

It was weird when we were there, looking around, we were the only people ordered the tea.  You do need to reserve and order in advance, since as you can see, they come in special size.  That said, they serve normal brunch menu, which is what I see everyone is doing.  The tea is definitely worth it, and I recommend calling in advance because on a Saturday, that is a super popular spot and may have to wait quite a bit for a table.

Bistro Menil
1513 W. Alabama
Houston, TX 77006

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Ding Ding

Went back to Ding Ding's for breakfast.
They rolled out breakfast specials, where you get these dishes for cheaper price plus drinks.  I got the rice rolls with soy sauce and sweet plum sauce.  Soy sauce stir fried noodles which typically comes with turnip cakes for $3.95 plus drinks.  That's a steal!

I went off the special, so it cost a bit more, but less than $8 for breakfast, it was a quick in and grab.  Breakfast specials starts at 8:30 till 11am.  Definitely get an early start.

Ding Ding
9398 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Benjy's on Washington

Went out as a group for work plus celebrating one of the coworker's birthday.
I got the kale salad, which I think if you douse anything with lots of parmesan cheese, kale or not, I would gobble it up.  And yes, I gobbled up this one too.
This is their braised short ribs.  Oh my goodness, have you ever tasted anything so good?  Well, comparable, but rare.  You can stick your fork in and it all falls apart.  The sauce was so good, that I just use the rib and soak it up.  The horseradish cream I can do without.  But the smashed peas at the bottom was thick enough that it felt like edamame mashed.  I'm normally not a pea fan, I ate this all up.
For dessert, a few of us shared, it is a donut with vanilla cream with strawberry sauce.  This is interesting because the 'donut' is really thick like a sourdough bread, inside there's a little cream, but it's very dense.  You really have to dip with the cream to soften it up.  That said, the cream is super yummy and not too sweet, if you do all of them in one bit, it comes out very smooth.

When my one of my coworkers brought up that I have a blog, immediately people tend to offer their food for me to take a photo.  I've always have a policy that I only photograph the food that I ate instead of other people's because if I have to write about it, I'd liked to write about my experience instead of what it looks like.  Anybody can photograph a dish, a lot of people can do it much better than I in that regards.  That said, if I didn't taste it, I cannot in good conscious write something good or bad about it.  That's why I don't photograph anybody's food but my own.  Conversely, if I were to post stuff on Instagram or Snapchat, where it's really for the feast of the eye than experience, I would've photographed everyone's food.

Benny's on Washington
5922 Washington Ave
Houston, TX 77007