Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Dish Society

Been reading about Dish Society.  Been curious, so finally took the plunge.
I've actually driven by it a coupon of times.  I didn't realized it was embedded inside an apartment complex.  I had to check my map couple times since I drove past it.
Super awesome coffee.... it was so good that I got another one home.  Who cares I was wired all day, but it was tasty!
So good.... it even had a heart after I drank it.
I got the Brisket & Eggs.  They have Texas grass fed brisket, gouda grits, open range eggs.  I know those are very important buzz words for a lot of people.  But what's important to me is, does it taste good.  Well, the verdict is yes.  The Brisket was a tad spicier than my taste, but it was in a good way.  The grits was surprisingly good.  And I'm not a grits fan at all.  The gouda made it with a kick, and the part I like is that it's not dry at all.  I didn't have the biscuit just because the rest of the dish was plenty for me.  

Besides it was tucked in the apartment building, there are special parking spots for you.  So, once you found them, it is super convenient to get in.  They have very friendly staff, and the seats are super kids friendly.  Food, is delicious and you can tell that they care a lot about where their food came from.  You ask them, they can tell you the cow is from what farm in Texas, the almond flour is from Waco, TX.  The food execution is nice, so it's awesome that everything came together in one spot.  I definitely want to come back, especially for the coffee.

Dish Society
5740 San Felipe
Houston, TX 

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