Monday, March 28, 2016

Tea Bar

Saw a review for Tea Bar, since it was close to me, figured I'd give that a shot.
It took over the old Taiko spot in the shopping center on Fondren & Westheimer.
Since I'm getting dinner, I just got tea without the Boba (Tapioca).
For the little one, I got the cucumber roll.  Of course, he never touched it, which means I ate it all.
For appetizer, I got the vegetable tempura.  Very nicely done.
I got unagi, chopped scallop, and salmon.  Frankly, the salmon is fresher than a lot of places I've eaten.  But, no one seems to noted that fact.  I was actually super impressed that a place that is more focused on tea and boba, and their food is actually pretty damn good.  

Service is so-so, but they do have nice happy hour, maybe I'll try that next time.  The only problem with that place, and perhaps why their predecessor, Taiko, moved was the parking.  Dinner time parking is super super competitive.  There's the restaurants around, salon has customers that are wrapping up, across the way, there's karate school where kids are doing their lesson into the dinner hour.  Then, you have a few big anchor restaurants that are popular, and always draws a big crowd.  The valet guys, do not miss a spot.  So, you do need to take advantage of the Happy Hour, just so you have a place to park.  Even the Wings place has their own valet, it's that bad.  Go early!

Tea Bar Organics Houston
5857 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX 77057

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