Wednesday, March 30, 2016


I went back to Borgo, rather quickly since my last visit.
It's a quick stop for great food.
Since I didn't get coffee last time and the owner seemed disappointed, I'd figure I'll get one to try it out.
But not before getting a breakfast croissant.  It has meat, egg, and cheese.  Don't think this is just a mere sandwich, it was super filling.  They took the time to warm it up for me.  At first, I thought it was strange that they heated the paper that wrapped the sandwich.  But the result was that the croissant remain in tact.  It was still nice and warm when I got to my office.

Of course, I got the coffee (not pictured), they are super accommodating.  Whatever milk you want, they grid the beans as you order it, so it's super fresh.  It was a good cup of coffee.  Goes nicely with my breakfast croissant.

Borgo Food Station
3641 W. Alabama
Houston, TX 77027

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Beck's Prime

Went to Beck's to meet a friend for lunch.  It's been a long time since I've been to Beck's.  
I love their Ahi Tuna burger.  even though it's not Friday, I still order it. I got the basket, so, it comes with fries.
Lovely fish, with feta cheese, their own pickle.  Which I'm normally not a fan of pickle, but theirs I love.  There's red onion, tomato, and a secret sauce. All cooked well and tasted delicious.  Not pictured was the dessert portion of milk shake, which my little one just drank the whole thing.

Becks Prime
2615 Augusta
on Westheimer
Houston, TX 77057

Monday, March 28, 2016

Tea Bar

Saw a review for Tea Bar, since it was close to me, figured I'd give that a shot.
It took over the old Taiko spot in the shopping center on Fondren & Westheimer.
Since I'm getting dinner, I just got tea without the Boba (Tapioca).
For the little one, I got the cucumber roll.  Of course, he never touched it, which means I ate it all.
For appetizer, I got the vegetable tempura.  Very nicely done.
I got unagi, chopped scallop, and salmon.  Frankly, the salmon is fresher than a lot of places I've eaten.  But, no one seems to noted that fact.  I was actually super impressed that a place that is more focused on tea and boba, and their food is actually pretty damn good.  

Service is so-so, but they do have nice happy hour, maybe I'll try that next time.  The only problem with that place, and perhaps why their predecessor, Taiko, moved was the parking.  Dinner time parking is super super competitive.  There's the restaurants around, salon has customers that are wrapping up, across the way, there's karate school where kids are doing their lesson into the dinner hour.  Then, you have a few big anchor restaurants that are popular, and always draws a big crowd.  The valet guys, do not miss a spot.  So, you do need to take advantage of the Happy Hour, just so you have a place to park.  Even the Wings place has their own valet, it's that bad.  Go early!

Tea Bar Organics Houston
5857 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX 77057

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Hello Kitty Macarons

Several weeks ago, the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck came into town.
I've actually met them back in 2014 at the Hello Kitty Con, where they debut there.  Subsequently, they were to open a physical location in LA.  But then, no word until we hear the truck is making a trek across the country.
Here's their menu.  Super Kawaii!
Here's my loot.  The bow water is different from last time, which as Hello Kitty Red with no logo, but since it's so distinct that everyone knows who it is.  Of course, the T-shirt and mug are limited editions.
Cute box that holds my macarons!
Cutesy macs.  You have one of the Twin Stars, Pink Hair should be Kiki.  Her brother is Lala.
So, the flavors are: Green was Almond, Blue was Chocolate, Red was either Raspberry or Strawberry, Orange was Citrus.  The character one I can't tell the flavor, but it was super sweet like Kitty herself.

Try to catch the truck wherever you are.

Hello Kitty Cafe

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Cousins Maine Lobster Truck

Fridays during Lent, have to find something yummy yet non-meat... luckily I found this food truck by the office.
I've actually never heard of them before, but looking at their site, they have anywhere 3-4 trucks across the city on a regular basis.  Really cover the town.
Didn't realized they've been on so many TV shows, including Shark Tank.
I got the messy oogy, Lobster Tots.  Obviously tater tots with Maine Lobster, pico de gallo, and cilantro lime sauce all over.  It has a little spice, a little crunchy, and a lot of lobster meat.  I was pretty happy with the amount of lobster meat they have on there.  Generous enough that I felt like I paid for my lobster.
I also got the Lobster Bisque.  It's a little thicker than I'd like.  I like it to be less thick and less on the corn starch because as some point, it became chunky.  The meat was decent enough for the soup, no complaint there, but less thickener would've been great.

While I was in line, I was talking to a guy who said he had to chase down the truck.  So, if he sees it, he'll stop and order something to go.  Another person drove from Downtown to Galleria area just for a Lobster Roll.  And speaking of Lobster Rolls, there's one for Maine and one for Connecticut.  Basically the Maine style is served chilled and the Connecticut style is served warmed.  Both sounds great, yes please!

Overall, the price totally justify the quality of the product.  I'm quite happy with what they serve.  Can't wait till summer and see what's in the Lobster Ice Cream.  That'll be interesting.  Check their site to see where they're serving.

Cousins Maine Lobster Truck

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Peli Peli Happy Hour

Went into the Galleria to meet up with some friends for Happy Hour.
A lot of people know Peli Peli to have good food, but they don't know that their Happy Hour is pretty good too.
Just couple of dishes... we ordered the Truffle Pap Fries.  They are thicker fries with parmesan cheese and truffle oil.  The ketchup has a little kick to it.  Altogether, is delicious goodness.  I almost ate the entire thing by myself.
This is the crowd favorite, Stuffed Pappadew.  It's South African fruit, very much like a mini bell pepper.  Emptied out, stuffed with cream cheese, and they have their own mix of spices to make it a kick up.  Everyone love this so much that we have to order more.

Not pictured, South African Wings, basically wings with their secret sauce and blue cheese.  Not quite Buffalo Wings, but it's pretty close to it.  Nice and spicy and messy.  Delish!  Happy hour is always good there, they are very accommodating and get your food out fast, of course, the drinks too.  They have a nice beer selection to choose from, and a nice wine menu too.

Peli Peli
5085 Westheimer Rd
Suite B2515
Houston, TX 77056

Monday, March 21, 2016


Gosh, it's been so long since I've been back to Fadi's.  
They are truly a Houston Institution.  They have food that's is healthy and fitting to almost all diets.  
You have all sorts of veggies, dips and meats.
Talk about vegetables made in various style that gives you flavors from all sides.  YUM!
Ok, ok.  My eyes were bigger than my stomach that say, I had to take some of that home.  I got a side of Dolma, they were a tad more lemony and zingy that I like.  I think when it comes to those I like either Chatter's or Niko Niko's.  Then for my main dish, I had lamb, they are so delicious and so beautifully made where you stick a fork in it and the meat just literally falls off the bone.  Then, some tabouli, some potato salad, and cabbage roll.  Like I said, my eyes were bigger than my stomach because what's not pictured was a mango lassi, which also very filling.  Had to take food home.  The cabbage roll has meat and couscous inside.  I mostly like the sauce it comes with, but I was already very full, just had to stop myself.

I haven't been back since they've renovated.  I would've liked it how they had the flow before.  Granted, they have more kitchen space now, as well as more food choices to provide customers, but the flow to the line was awkward, you may be extended to one part of the dining room, which is practically on top of someone's table.  Then the dining area across from the food line has this awkward columns ideally for you to have some semi-private feel, but it's taken up more room than it's worth.  The main dining room tried to squeezed in as many tables as possible, you have to be very careful with your trays so you won't have your food land on someone else's head.  Basically the lay out was awkward.  Food still good, maybe another location?

Fadi's Mediterranean Grill 
4738 Beechnut St
Houston, TX 77096

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Tommy's Clear Lake

Had another desktop lunch at Tommy's Clear Lake.
Got the Crab Stuffed Mushroom.  Sounded great, but it's very hot on the mushroom caps... Keep that in mind.  Burnt my tongue.
I got the Baked Potato Soup.  Forgot to tell them to skim the sour cream, the soup was thick but not as thick as I like them to be.  They do have good, legit chunks of bacon.  By the time I finished that and the mushrooms, I felt like I ate a lot of calories and needed to be wheeled out.  Sad thing was that it was not as filling as I was hoping for.  Should've gotten a salad.

Tommy's Restaurant & Oyster Bar
2555 Bay Area Blvd
Houston, TX 77058

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Flo Paris

My friend who's now out of town now, was recommending Flo Paris.  I had seen it on Yelp, but never had a chance to go check it out.  Since she suggested it, it gave me a perfect excuse.
Situated in the corner of the shopping center on Wertheimer & Bering.  You can't really miss it.
Inside the decor reminds you to be very French.  From the mini market of all sorts of goodies ranged from olive oil to jam, to pasta, to coffee, to canned goods from France.
Of course, you have to walk past this beautiful display of bread, croissants, they have many kinds to choose from.  Wow!
Not to mention the lovely desserts all lined up row by row.  If you can't taste it all, your eye can feast on them all they want.  All the bread and dessert are made in house.
Order a Cappuccino, you really feel like you did it at the coffee bar in France.  The only thing is missing is cigarette smoke and sitting outside to people watch.
My friend got the Nutella & Strawberry.  It looked good.
I got the Strawberry Jam & Banana.  It was a tad sweeter than I like. I felt like going straight to sugar coma without passing Go or collecting the $200.  Doesn't mean it's not good, just my poor choice.  I think next time, I'll stick with what I know works instead of trying something I didn't know how it'll turn out.  Thought I was being adventurous.  

It was kinda sweet, the entire place is ran by the family.  From the chef, to cashier, to runner, all are family members.  On our way out, we got some pastries to go, and our guy was so nice to even suggest to put it in the oven for a little to warm it up to get the optimal taste.  That's just so nice!  C'est si bon.  

Flo Paris
5757 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Oyster Tour - Willie G's Happy Hour

We were having happy hour at Willie G's.  I love sitting at the bar, because the bartender can always tell you what they've got better than anyone else.  I had the hankering for oyster, but  never had much knowledge about oysters, until my colleague took me on an Oyster tour.
Normally for Happy Hour, they have 1/2 dozen of Gulf Oysters for $6.  That's $1 per oyster.  My colleague was like: promise me you will never eat Gulf Oyster.  Well... what else is there?  Like I said, I'm not an educated oyster consumer.  Next thing I know, the bartender gave us an Oyster menu. Who knew that there was an Oyster menu?!  Basically, it is alphabetical but the most expensive one was the Blue Point.  Of course, check the board of market price and availability.
So clockwise, the upper right quadrant is Blue Point, then Malpeque, then Pleasant Bay, then Summerside.  You can see even the shell is cleaner and whiter.  Wow, that I've truly have never seen.  They are less 'sandy' tasting.  All have their distinct tastes and texture.  Of course, I was secretly hoping to find a pearl.  Anyway, both Blue Point & Summerside are supposed to be medium flavor.  Malpeque is briny and Pleasant Bay is moderately briny.  I loved the Pleasant Bay, the taste and flavor was a perfect match.  

If you get a chance, I highly recommend sitting at the oyster bar and check out the oyster offerings.  Not pictured: all the fries and shrimps that we featured last time.  Take advantage of their Happy Hour Menu.

Willie G's
1605 Post Oak Blvd
Houston, TX 77056

Monday, March 14, 2016

North Italia

Had a work lunch to go to, and we love going to those...
I got to pick this time, and I picked North Italia.
Yummy Zucca Chips!  Thinly sliced Zucchini Chips... I can eat this all day!!!  It's healthy right?!
I split a salad and a pizza with a coworker.  So we got the Ceasar, I love how they have so much cheese on top of my salad, exactly how I like them!
We also go the Proscuitto Pizza, you obviously got the proscuitto meat, fig, topped with goat cheese & arugula, which the latter two were not baked into the pizza.  It does make it a bit messy, but each bit was delicious.  Highly recommend it.

I love how they have at least 2 server per table.  They have a main server and one person to make sure your drinks are filled and when the food is ready they run the food to you too.  So, you're never waiting too long, especially lunch time when they are packed all the time.   If you are in a rush, valet, they are pretty fast.  But if you have time, you can just drive past the entrance of the restaurant a bit, there's a small drive way to the garage.  They share the same garage as Peska & True Food.

North Italia
1700 Post Oak Blvd
Houston, TX 77056

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Sushi Wabi

Was in need of some sushi break.  Stopped in at Sushi Wabi.
Fuji Volcano.  It is a crab roll with avocado, with masago on the outside of the roll.  Topped with shrimp and scallop.
On the outside are these colorful sauces, the outer 2 are sweet, the inner one is a spicy mayo.  This pic you can't see it very well, but they lit it up before bringing it, which does make it look like a volcano.  But as you can see, it's a tad burnt, for that reason.
I got the Yakisoba, aka fried noodles with beef and vegetable.  It looked good, but it was missing the taste.  The coloring looks great on the entire dish, but for some reason, it was missing some salt.  I probably will stick with sushi next round.  

Their service is great, always attentive even when they look like they're busy, they still come by to check and make sure I was doing good and made sure my iced tea is filled.  I'd go back for the sushi.

Sushi Wabi
3953 Richmond Ave
Houston, TX 77027

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Borgo Food Station

Been driving by Borgo Food Station almost daily, and was excitingly anticipate their opening.
In talking to one of the owners, he said the the word Borgo means that back in the olden days in Europe, each town that is surrounded by the city walls and that is called a Borgo.  So Borgo Food station really means, in this part of town and it's food provider.
You have a variety of prepared foods here, for lunch or dinner, you're all set here.  They have pasta, big dishes, beef, chicken, fish... etc.
They are literally a true grab and go.  I just love their mason jars of meatballs.  Gotta try that some time.  
For breakfast, they have breakfast croissants or ciabatta, muffins and palmiers.  
My Favorite: Aguita.  They have different kinds of infused water.  This is strawberry with basil.  Super refreshing!

I just love how everything is made in house.  You can tell there's a lot of heart went in to the place.  As Luis to make you a cappuccino, he loves to use the espresso machine and always asking if you want coffee.  At the beginning, there were some staff training issues, but as everything slowly coming together, I see that they definitely be a great stop for quick, good, quality food.  

Borgo Food Station
3641 W. Alabama
Houston, TX 77027