Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Oyster Tour - Willie G's Happy Hour

We were having happy hour at Willie G's.  I love sitting at the bar, because the bartender can always tell you what they've got better than anyone else.  I had the hankering for oyster, but  never had much knowledge about oysters, until my colleague took me on an Oyster tour.
Normally for Happy Hour, they have 1/2 dozen of Gulf Oysters for $6.  That's $1 per oyster.  My colleague was like: promise me you will never eat Gulf Oyster.  Well... what else is there?  Like I said, I'm not an educated oyster consumer.  Next thing I know, the bartender gave us an Oyster menu. Who knew that there was an Oyster menu?!  Basically, it is alphabetical but the most expensive one was the Blue Point.  Of course, check the board of market price and availability.
So clockwise, the upper right quadrant is Blue Point, then Malpeque, then Pleasant Bay, then Summerside.  You can see even the shell is cleaner and whiter.  Wow, that I've truly have never seen.  They are less 'sandy' tasting.  All have their distinct tastes and texture.  Of course, I was secretly hoping to find a pearl.  Anyway, both Blue Point & Summerside are supposed to be medium flavor.  Malpeque is briny and Pleasant Bay is moderately briny.  I loved the Pleasant Bay, the taste and flavor was a perfect match.  

If you get a chance, I highly recommend sitting at the oyster bar and check out the oyster offerings.  Not pictured: all the fries and shrimps that we featured last time.  Take advantage of their Happy Hour Menu.

Willie G's
1605 Post Oak Blvd
Houston, TX 77056

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