Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Bayou City Seafood

One of the coworkers suggested Bayou City Seafood.  I've never been, so very much looking forward to this.
We started with Crab Spinach and Artichoke Dip.  I got the taste of the spinach and artichoke part, but the times I've dipped into the mix, I did not see any or taste any crab.
Our lunch came with a salad, that was a huge plate.  Not much nutrition since all the lettuce has nothing but water, but the nice chucks of tomato and cucumber with the vinaigrette.  
I got the Chicken & Sausage Gumbo.  Not knowing that a side of rice comes with it since I'm used to the rice is in the gumbo already.  But that said, I do love having the carb soaking up the soup.  That also means that cup of soap is huge.  By the time I got to the soup, it is larger in content than you realized.  By the time we got out of there, you practically have to roll us out of there.  So much food.

Bayou City Seafood
4730 Richmond Ave
Houston, TX 77027

Monday, December 28, 2015

P. F. Chang

Went to have lunch at PF Chang. It's been awhile since I've been here, and definitely don't ever come here for lunch ever.
Coworker introduced me to Crispy Green Beans.  It's actually very good with the sauce.  The sauce is a tad spicy, so things have a kick to it.
We also got pork dumpling, super yummy.
Got the gluten free Mongolian Beef lunch order with fried rice.  Like I said, it's been a while since I've been to PF Chang's.  So, I don't remember that lunch portion was super small.  Put with the appetizers, this was just right.  But had I just had the lunch portion alone, it wouldn't have been enough.

Lunch was fast and easy at PF, just because they know they need to do business men's lunch quick and delicious.  They got that done.  Luckily, you don't have to make a reservation for lunch.  But for dinner, I wouldn't make that bet.

P.F. Chang's
4094 Westheimer Rd.
Houston, TX 77027

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas

Wishing you and your family have a wonderful meal together this holiday season.  

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Melange Creperie

Reunited and it feels so good... 
 It's been a while since I had a crepe from Melange Creperie... how I missed thee.
 Awesome as always... just different check out procedures...
Pardon the eaten mess, but wanted to show you that the Patty Special lives on!  It's Banana, Nutella, added Strawberry.  Oh my, how I missed thee!!!!

Though I did not see Buffalo Shawn, it was good to see that his entrepreneural spirit is still in tact.  They are now located in the freezer section of HEB on W. Alabama by Menil.  The check out method is a tad different, and that, you have to get your sticker, check out with your other groceries and then enjoy your crepe.  

We were still bum that the brick and mortar place on Montrose fell thru.  But they are still working the farmers market circuit and this deal with HEB to keep their names out there.  Don't worry, your fans will follow you.

Funny antidote, the guy who made the crepe at the end handed our crepes and said please enjoy soon if not please put in the fridge.  I said, isn't that kinda common sense?  Apparently not, one lady had took a crepe home, leaving it out for a few hours and than ate it and got sick.  Urm... yes, kids, don't leave food out for hours... even though it's cooked. 

Melange Creperie
Best follow them on Twitter

Monday, December 21, 2015

Jinya Ramen

It's been a while since I've had Jinya.
 This is the first time I hit the twilight zone of happy hour and dinner line.  The bar was hopping but the dining area was about to get busy as well.  Glad we picked a good time. 
 We ordered Fried Cauliflower, it's vegetable, can't be bad, right?  You can see the pine nuts at the bottom, and it was a nice add to the crunchy.
 Someone recommended green beans, see there's some more hidden nuts in there.  It's yummy and made me feel healthy.
 Made me feel healthier yet, is the Kale Lollipop.  They have a wedge of lemon and some salt to go with it.  Frankly, without is pretty good.  Definitely getting this again.
I got the Spicy Umami Miso Ramen.  I can't really taste the miso in there, I can taste the spicy but not as hot as the Tonkotsu Spicy can be.  It has a kick but not like 10 alarm fire hot.  It came with ground pork, bean sprouts, I got a few bok choy, scallion, chili oil which you can see as they float atop.  The noodle is thicker noodle than the other ramen, but just as good.  The broth is not super spicy so having the chili oil was not bad.  If anything, it adds more flavor than spiciness.   I'm definitely a fan.

Service is good, surprisingly since it was at the beginning of dinner rush.  Our server came and checked on us and make sure we know what we're eating, so that's nice. The only thing is that we were seated at the big table, where you have to share.  And typically it's no biggie, I'm used to sharing tables, but when you have neighbors who are new to the concept, and take some getting used to (such as talking really load to his group of friends), that was unusual.  Otherwise, so far, everytime I've been there, the servers are super attentive.

Jinay Ramen
3201 Louisiana
Houston, TX 77006

Thursday, December 17, 2015


Met up with some friends over margaritas...
The Escalante's in Highland Village can be super busy, so much so that the valet stop taking cars... so go early.
I got the lunch special Uno.  Which has chicken tamale with green sauce, one chicken flautas, rice and beans (of course) with a side of queso blanco.  The green sauce is actually more than enough, but then I'm never the one who turns down a side of queso.  You can put that sh*t on everything, I did on rice, and my flautas.  Super yummy.  I highly recommend doing their lunch special, great portion size and a mix of various combo, never bored and not super filling.

Like I mentioned earlier, Highland Village gets busy, so much so that the valet stop taking cars, you know they're busy, so try to beat the crowd, especially on a weekend or holiday.  Food is good, service is great, we were checked on in appropriate amount of times but they also gave us space to catch up.  It was definitely a good choice.

Highland Village
4053 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX 77027

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Ding Ding

Went to Ding Ding's for a quick lunch.  
I ordered the HK style lemon tea.  Theirs is less sweet than I like.  I do like their milk tea fine though.
For the lunch special, I believe it was $6.95, you can have various items to choose form, and it comes with a drink.  I ordered egg noodles and it allows for 3 toppings, anything add on is additional.  I got the tofu skin, fish balls (hahaha), and fish slices.  The latter two are really made of fish paste and reform into different shape.  Then lightly fried and put into the noodle soup.  It was good for a cool day, I tell you.

They changed their format.  Previously, you order at the counter, grab a seat and they deliver it to your table.  Now, they changed it to seated service.  Which is nice, less confusion of people running around since they also have to get their own utensils the previous method.  I saw that they were promoting special dishes for the holiday seasons, including prawns, lobsters and dungeness crab.  They also just rolled out winter hot pots too, trying to stay in competition with the new hotpot place around the corner.  Give them a try, I think they have more hidden talent that is slowly rolling them out.  

Ding Ding HK Tea House
9398 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Egg and I

In search of a new breakfast place, and since we've driven by this place several times, thought we gave it a try.
The place doesn't look like it, but it's pretty big inside.  However, they don't seem to have enough help for the day, which led to a not very pleasant experience.
For breakfast, we got the corn beef hash with eggs.  Decent presentation, and unfortunately, it ends there.  The whole plate was cold.  Then there was no taste to the corn beef hash.  I had better corn beef hash from frozen than this.  On top of that, a tab for 2 corn beef hash and 2 cups of coffee was $36, not including tips.  

The place was busy the entire time we were there.  However, they were short handed in the kitchen, and the owner was running all over the place, probably trying to manage the people, yet I don't see her running food to tables.  So, our server has way too many tables than he is used to.  He was polite and checked on us twice, but the kitchen was just short-handed.  And by the time he went back to get our food, it's been sitting there for at least 15mins.  I hope that the owner review the backups and reallocate help where it makes sense.

Egg and I
4938 Beechnut
Houston, TX 77096

Monday, December 14, 2015


Gosh, haven't been back to Chuy's for a long time, and not on purpose, but whenever the mood strike, and I drive by that parking lot, it just discourages me.
Since the Kirby location is super popular, I have to go during an off peak hour.  That said, I went on a weekday after lunch rush, there were tons of people still, especially on a pretty day, the patio is a popular place to be.
What struck my mood is of course the creamy jalapeno sauce.  YUM!  Just douse that on everything, I'm not at a point of needing a straw, but pretty darn close.  Not too spicy but have a little kick.  You couldn't ask for more.
I had the lunch portion of ground beef 'custom' enchilada, comes with rice and beans with queso sauce.  Oh my gosh, it was super filling, I didn't even finish it.  And it was the lunch portion!  But so good though.  Probably because I filled myself up with the chips and creamy jalapeno sauce... darn you!  It taste so good, but darn you still!  Just so you know, not all menu item can be done in lunch portion, so check with your server when you're ordering.

2706 Westheimer Rd
at Kirby
Houston, TX 77098

Thursday, December 10, 2015

True Food Kitchen

David wanted to try True Food again, since it's been a while.  
We didn't exactly had a a good experience last time, but figured time has past, maybe things changed.  Plus, it's breakfast, how can they screw that up?
Well, in case you can't guess it from my preference... it was not good.   I ordered Sparkling Apple Soda, she waited till our food is practically here to inform me that they're out.  *Scratching head*  I got the two eggs, potato hash and chicken sausage.  The eggs though billed as organic, you really can see the yolk (on sunny side up) that it's not orange enough.  I'm not sure what quality they are.  The potato hash has no taste, so we tried to put a pinch of salt on.  But the shaker does not work... hmm.  While I appreciate that they made the chicken sausage in house, you can tell by the way they pattied them.  But the chicken sausage was too dry, my 2 year old won't even touch it.  I was hoping they find a way to turn people to eat healthier, but they are just reinforcing the problem of eating healthy, and that is if it's good for you it doesn't taste good.  And it doesn't have to be.  There are many food out there that are good for you and done well where it's so delicious, you don't even know you're eating something healthy.  This, to me, is where they failed.

Plus side, our server was super preppy and you need that early in the morning.  So, I appreciated that.  The beautiful decor is there.  And the pluses sort of stopped there.  When our salt shaker wasn't working, there were couple of servers hanging out nearby.  When I tried to get their attention, they were busy chatting, and when I finally did get one of their attention, he almost was hesitant to help, maybe because we're not his table.  But there was a salt shaker right by him.  Well, ended up that one doesn't work either.   On top of the mediocre food, don't think you can get me back there anytime soon.

True Food Kitchen
1700 Post Oak Blvd
Houston, TX 77056

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


After my run, I was dying for a cup of coffee.
Drove by Woodbar, and was curious.  I heard about it, but know nothing about it... thought why the heck not.
I got the flat white.  Pretty latte art.  Coffee is decent, but I'm no coffee connoisseur, despite my 3 years with Starbucks, I still know nothing about coffee.  I can use alot of adjectives to describe the taste, but personally, I don't have any opinion of it.  
Got an Almond Bear Claw to go with my coffee.  It was nice and warm from their bakery.  It has a nice little almond filling in there.  It was flaky, delicious, and sinful, since it's warm multiply all of that by 5.  I saw other patrons have breakfast dishes, and asked my server.  She said that since they are part of Canopy's kitchen, they have a few breakfast dishes.  You can order it there, and no need to go over to the Canopy side for the service.  They have egg dishes, breakfast taco type stuff.  So, next time I know.  I've always liked their brunch, this would be a welcome addition, especially when they open at 6:30a to get an early start.

3939 Montrose Blvd
Houston, TX 77006

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Torchy's Taco

This is my first time coming to the Village Torchy's.  
Usually when I drive by, there's a line out the door.  So, I came at a good time.
 It's still breakfast time, so I got 2 breakfast tacos.  On the left is the Monk, which has eggs, bacon, cheese, chili, sadly no potato... that would've been perfect!!!  Oh duh!  It's their #2 Bfast Taco... but I dealt.  The right is the Migas, I'd figured I like Migas the dish enough, maybe I'll like that... well, it's not bad, but I will tell you that in my head, I had wished I ordered 2 Monks.  That has eggs, tortilla strips, avocado, pico, tomatillo and cheese.  Both came with salsa, and it was super delish.  

I'm glad because as the cashier said, one is a snack, two is a meal.  She was right, though it was almost a bit too much.  But one definitely was not going to be enough.  Maybe one and a half?  That morning at the place, has all sorts of health workers who are getting off their shifts, which are very different than at night which are mostly college students.

Torchy's Taco
2400 Times Blvd
Houston, TX 77005

Monday, December 7, 2015

Coco's Crepe

Was running by Rice University, thought I'd stop for breakfast before heading home.
 I've been to Coco's in Midtown years ago, but since it's hard to get to, I don't usually make the trek unless I'm in the hood.  It's super convenient that they're in Rice Village with plenty parking.
 Got a Cafe Au Lait, I haven't seen any coffee art, but then again, I'm not exactly having anything that would have foam.  Maybe next time I'll ask the owner/barista.
I got Crepe Almondine, tons of almond inside and out.  The inside has Nutella, and you know anything with Nutella cannot go wrong.  

The service here is fast and personable.  The owner pours your coffee, check your order before it gets to your table.  Comes to find out, it's all franchised and he is a different owner then the one in Midtown.  And while I've never met the Midtown location's owner, this guy is super friendly and explain how it all works.  It's no Melange, but it'll do the trick.

Coco's Crepes
2339 University Blvd
Houston, TX 77005

Thursday, December 3, 2015


So we've been going to Six Ping for bread, and decided to try their cakes.
Such a lovely box, it's handy with the handle and it's pretty design.
Also sufficient for 2 pieces of cake.  I got the Tiramisu.  Sadly, it was a bumpy ride home, and as you can see, the cookie crumbs was everywhere.  The little cup the dessert was cute and can be washed and reused.  This tiramisu is not the ones that I normally get.  It has more cream and no lady fingers.  The decorative mushrooms are meringues glued together by buttercream.  Overall, I missed the coffee flavors that I was expecting from a tiramisu.  I liked the cookie crumbs but can also do without.  This is more of an artistic interpretation or the deconstruction of the tiramisu, which is fine.  Just wasn't expecting it.  I think, I'll try to get another cake dessert next time, but definitely go back for their variety of bread, which have character faces or filling inside.

Six Ping Bakery
9889 Bellaire Blvd
Suite D246
Houston, TX 77036

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Hong Kong's Cafe

Welcome to my regular visit for comfort food... though I go there more than I post here, it's just gratuitous for me.  
I *heart* me some Iced Lemon Tea HK style... I did see at the grocery store that they use Ceylon tea, and some mixed with Lime.  Note to self: venture out and try those other flavors.
Got their breakfast set, which came with noodles, I had thick egg noodles with shredded pork and mustard greens.
The main event: 2 eggs sunny side up with 2 slices of lunch meat, and toast.  It's simple yet filling.  The entire set is less than $7 plus tax and throw in tip.  You can't get your belly filled with that much food and good service anywhere outside of Chinatown.  Plus, they do have free wi-fi for diners, just as your server for the passcode.  Don't forget, they only take cash!

Hong Kong's Cafe
9108 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


So finally got some free time to make the trek down to Pearland.
I've actually took the wrong turn, and ended up thru a good trek of hood before getting to the good side of Broadway.  Then, it was easy to find.  
 They are known for their good BBQ and long lines, because they're so dang good.  That said, it moved quickly, their staff is on top of moving the lines and making sure you get what you needed.  Overall, I would say I waited for about 15 mins during peak lunch hour on a working weekday.
I got the 2 meat plate, I had the brisket and the pork belly with mac and cheese and potato salad for side.  Frankly, you cannot have BBQ and no potato salad.  The brisket rub was awesome, the main part was a tad drier than I like.  They have various spicy bbq sauce on each table, and you can put as generously as you'd like.  I did some, but didn't want to douse the entire thing.  The pork belly was awesome.  Best pork belly + fat, I've ever had.  Delicious to the max.  The potato salad was yummy, to be honest, it was so much food, I got couple bits of the mac and cheese and had to throw in the towel.
My eyes were bigger than my stomach when I was in line and got the cobbler of the day, which was cranberry cobbler.  I am not a big fan of cranberry but must say, it's not too sour not too sweet.  The cobbler pieces of it was nice and not too flaky.  Next time, I will ask them to pack it home. 

Don't let the small parking lot on the side scare you off.  There's more parking on the back street and the another lot on the other side of the building.  What you should be looking for, besides crossing traffic, is how long that line is.  I went during the work week, so alot of people that work around there, went there for lunch - lucky ducks.

Should you want a fancier piece of meat, go down the street for Killen's Steakhouse.

Killen's BBQ
3613 E. Broadway
Pearland, TX 77581