Tuesday, December 1, 2015


So finally got some free time to make the trek down to Pearland.
I've actually took the wrong turn, and ended up thru a good trek of hood before getting to the good side of Broadway.  Then, it was easy to find.  
 They are known for their good BBQ and long lines, because they're so dang good.  That said, it moved quickly, their staff is on top of moving the lines and making sure you get what you needed.  Overall, I would say I waited for about 15 mins during peak lunch hour on a working weekday.
I got the 2 meat plate, I had the brisket and the pork belly with mac and cheese and potato salad for side.  Frankly, you cannot have BBQ and no potato salad.  The brisket rub was awesome, the main part was a tad drier than I like.  They have various spicy bbq sauce on each table, and you can put as generously as you'd like.  I did some, but didn't want to douse the entire thing.  The pork belly was awesome.  Best pork belly + fat, I've ever had.  Delicious to the max.  The potato salad was yummy, to be honest, it was so much food, I got couple bits of the mac and cheese and had to throw in the towel.
My eyes were bigger than my stomach when I was in line and got the cobbler of the day, which was cranberry cobbler.  I am not a big fan of cranberry but must say, it's not too sour not too sweet.  The cobbler pieces of it was nice and not too flaky.  Next time, I will ask them to pack it home. 

Don't let the small parking lot on the side scare you off.  There's more parking on the back street and the another lot on the other side of the building.  What you should be looking for, besides crossing traffic, is how long that line is.  I went during the work week, so alot of people that work around there, went there for lunch - lucky ducks.

Should you want a fancier piece of meat, go down the street for Killen's Steakhouse.

Killen's BBQ
3613 E. Broadway
Pearland, TX 77581

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