Thursday, October 29, 2015

Little Matt's

Another kid friendly restaurant is in West U.  
The menu is huge, figuratively and literally.  They have their menu on the wall as you walk in.  You can see they have a little bit of everything for everyone.  There's burger, salad, Tex-Mex, skinny girl's choices, chicken however many ways they can prepare it, and of course Kid's meals.  We got pizza, it looks like a mini frozen pizza to me though.  That said, the onion rings tasted decent.  And it came with a side of fruit.  

The place is super kid friendly.  They have tons of big tables, and wish they have a couple smaller tables available.  They have a mini arcade in the place, a patio space that is super clean and covered.  Not to mention, they have an ipad area for your more techie but too cool to play arcade tweens.  Not to mention the ordering counter is a candy store, you can get all sorts of old timey candy there.  For kids, this is the bomb.  For grownups, so-so, better than just some random sandwich, but let's be honest, you're going there for your kid(s) anyway.

Little Matt's
6203 Edloe St
Houston, TX 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Bernie's Burger Bus

It's been a while since I had a Bernie's Burger.  I've never been to their store front before, so was super excited to step in.
This is their menu, super cute.  Everything from the menu to the table, er, I mean desks are themed like a school.  They also have a bus as the kitchen front.
Got a lemonade for 'class'.  And you can see the desks are 'decorated' or 'vandalized'. 
I got the Kindergarteners, which is 2 mini sliders with bleu cheeseburgers, there are bacon in there too.  It came with a side of fries.  It was alot of food seriously.  
Take a closer look at the cheese and bacon mixture.

So, I would say that as far as the food goes, it was great.  I knew that I would not be disappointed when I come here.  But as far as the  service goes, that was a miss.  I sat there for good 10 mins and almost ready to leave before someone acknowledge my presence.  I can tell between the servers, the busser, and hostess they had the who's on 1st look at each other.  Yet, no one bother to get the customer started on a drink or anything.  Finally another server stepped up and took my order and by the time it was delivered by my server who was doing something else, I already got my food.  While I do know those instances don't happen often, but it did happen.  Unfortunately, just makes me think that maybe the food truck is better than the brick and mortar.

Bernie's Burger Bus
5407 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX 77401

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Went back to Japaneiro's for lunch.  
I like them for lunch because their set lunch is very reasonable and very filling.  Not to mention tastes good too.
Seaweed salad.  I know it turns alot of people off, because they think it's slimy but it's very nutritional and when done well, not bad tasting either.
I got plantain chips this time with bell pepper sauce, it does gets a tad spicy after alot of it, but for dipping purposes, it's ok.  I actually dipped my sushi in that just to try, it's not too bad.
I got the sushi sampler, came with 3 pieces of nigri and a roll.  I got Salmon, Tuna, and Yellowtail and Spicy Salmon Roll.  All of the fish are pretty fresh.

I like that for $12, you get all of this.  Not to mention the service is not bad at all, they understand that you're in a hurry and they still manage to make to order what you want.  I cannot stop talking about how great they are.  They also has gluten free options listed too, easy to pick.

2168 Texas Drive
Sugarland, TX 77479

Monday, October 26, 2015

Maryam's Cafe

Had dinner with another mom who was craving some adult conversation, while the kids are occupied.  Thru some moms group, we heard about Maryam's Cafe in the Heights and peaked her interest. 
I ordered the lemonade, didn't realized it looks like my Happy Hour drink.  No, no alcohol, because that part of Heights is dry.  Plus, it's not that type of place.  But does look very much like an alcohol beverage, doesn't it?
This is their Kid's meal.  Sorry, didn't realized it was upside down.  All kid's meals are $5.99, but look at how much food that is.  It was Turkey & Cheese and it came with chips, carrots, banana, and pineapples.  Talk about food for growing kids.  
For mine, I had Tuna Salad with gluten free bread.  As a matter of fact, all of the sandwiches, they can make gluten free, just let them know when you order.  As you can see, it came with a small side salad, pita chips and potato chips.  Tons of food.
Then comes the main attraction: the kid's area.  If you're familiar with the Heights, Maryam on 19th is occupying the space where Cricket's used to be.  Instead of the back party room which can host a big table for about 8, they knock that down and opened up the space for the owner's daughter.  To keep her occupied, she brought in toys and what nots.  So, it's really her daughter's play room.  Once customers realized there's a kid's area, it was a welcoming sight.  We heard that at first the owner's daughter was a tad apprehensive with people playing with her toys.  Now that she've grown accustomed to it, she is inviting other kids to play with her too.

That was good idea.  Despite the price for the sandwiches was a tad hard to swallow, it did provide entertainment for the kids and the adults were able to have a decent conversation.  The front is decorated elegantly, which was nothing mismatch like Cricket's was.  I wouldn't mind hosting a shower at the front room, with their pastry and coffee selection which are much more attractive than the entree's menu.  Kids had fun, we ate, we chatted and all went home happy.  I'd chalk that up as a success.

Maryam's Cafe
315 W. 19th Street
Houston, TX 77008

Thursday, October 22, 2015


Went for quick dinner
At NAM in Rice Village
Thai tea at NAM. I thought the last time I was there it wasn't so watered down. Hmm...
Ordered the grilled chicken vermicelli bowl. They gave you lots of chicken. Thank goodness not dried at all. 

I like coming here. Very casual, food is decent and convenient parking right out front and additional in the back. Food comes quick, so is appreciated when you're hungry. 

Noodles And More
2512 Rice Blvd
Houston, TX 77005

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Went for a last minute dinner with Julia.
We picked Izakaya,
but interesting menu.
Here's the Soon to be Famous 'Midori' Special - ingredients are melon, sake, gin, milk, citrus.  That said, I don't know what kine of melon, as the name imply, I was hoping for Midori the liquor, but as you can see, there's nothing green here.  Nor do I see any milk here.  It does taste very citrusy and there's enough gin and sake in the drink though. 
From the grill, yakitori shio, grilled mushroom.  Not too much seasoning, pretty good start.
Sorry for the sideway picture, but this is donburi of the day, which is the curry rice.  It tasted pretty good, quite delicious.  I wish they have some potato in the mix, that's always my favorite part of the curry dish.
Here's the potato that I'm making up for it.  This is their take of chuckwagon fries.  The meat is lamb with sauce and cheese.  Sadly, the fries got soggy, after the first few bites, it was not as good as it looked... I kinda regret not getting the Izakaya Fries which was curry dip, that sounded better.
Hamachi Crudo, it has tomato powder, mushroom which I didn't seen any, little baby sardine.  Tasted pretty good.  I wouldn't mind getting it again.

This is chicken skin with lemon and salt.  It's pretty dang good.  This was a lucky mistake, because we didn't order that.
We ordered this: teriyaki chicken skin.  Which is also good, but the lemon and salt is much better.
This looked like marshmallow on a stick.  Turns out they are sweet corn.  There's nothing sweet about it, the corn itself may have been.  It is spicy.  It has Japanese mayo, spicy powder, and bonito flakes.
Beef Bulgogi Lettuce Wrap, the beef is pretty good.  Wrap or not, that doesn't really matter.  I would eat the bulgogi by itself, maybe wish that it's less soupy.  Otherwise, the marinate is spot on.

Overall, I think this place is good, the food is up to par for quality.  In terms of taste, however, it's a hit or miss depends on the dish.  But you wouldn't know that unless you try them all.  Plus the service was good, I wouldn't mind going back.

318 Gray St
Houston, TX 77002

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Ruggles Green Breakfast

The only Ruggles Green that serve breakfast is in the Heights.  So, to the Heights we go!
Got me some OJ, fresh as always.
Got me some Gluten Free Lemon Poppy Seed pancake, it came with jalapeno bacon.  The bacon is hot, and let me tell you as nice and crispy that it was, I had to not go crazy, because it is hot on the way down.  The pancake because it's gluten free, it's a tad denser than I'm used to.  There's no fluffiness to them, but the taste makes up for it.  There's a tad of lemony goodness every bite.  

Remember only this location has breakfast.  Rumor has it that the new location on W. Alabama opening in November may as well, let's hope that's true.

Ruggles Green
748 East 11th Street
Houston, TX 77008

Monday, October 19, 2015


Since the weather is so nice.
Went to dinner and sat at the patio.
I got the blackberry mojito, it's really more mojito than blackberry though the color says otherwise.
Sorry for the sideway photo, but the Woodside Oysters is super awesome, even turn some dis-believer into lover of oysters.
Guacamole & Salsa.  Pretty yummy and not too heavy tasting.
Sangria - very nice for the lovely weather day.
I know they are known for their seafood, but I got the bone-in short ribs.  The cocoa nib sauce is so good that you can get chips, bread and whatever can soak up the sauce and make another meal at it.
Side of charred Brussels Sprouts, very delicious.
But not as delicious as the garlic mushrooms, it was so good, you can just eat that by itself.

The entire meal is super delicious, our waiter sure knows how to work the group with flirting and all.  But, that said, he also took great care of us.  The restaurant is so popular that the night we went it was entirely reserved for a company party.  So, reservation is definitely recommended.

2200 Post Oak Blvd
Ste 160
Houston, TX 77056

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Marble Slab

Had a craving for ice cream.
I had coffee and sprinkles.
You can have as many mix-ins as you want or you can stand.  Frankly, one or two is good, because you'll be out of room.  This was a small size, which was alot already.  Next time mix in some nuts, sprinkles, no gummi bears because they will freeze hard (unless you eat them immediately).

Marble Slab
3175 W. Holcomb Blvd
Houston, TX 77025

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

St Regis Tea

Was just at the St. Regis at tea not too long ago.  Now we're back for a tea party.
For adults, they basically serve the same normal tea set: cucumber sandwich, egg sandwich, beef and provolone sandwich,  chicken salad sandwich.
Kid's version: ham and cheese sandwich, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, Turkey and cheese sandwich.
Scone and devonshire cream
Pastries to share, which by this point it's so much that we weren't able to eat them all.  There's a chocolate and cream cake, lemon meringue pie, fruit tart.  

For kids, they gave them a plate of tea cookies to decorate. That's nice to keep them busy, but that's alot of sugar for one meal.  On top of that, since we were at a party in the big ballroom, they charged alot more per person, not sure if that's to cover the cost of the party, which also had a balloon artist, character for tea, pet bunny, nail station for fun nails.  Would I take a kid to the tea, until they're 5-7 of age.  Mine is too little for now and the tea set was basically wasted on him.

St Regis Tea
1919 Briar Oaks Lane
Houston, TX 77056

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Ruggle's Green

Went to Ruggles Green for dinner.
Got the Gluten Free Pizzas.  This is Pepperoni with basil.  I won't lie, it's greasy but it's oh so good!
Talk about a meal of nutritional value... Cheese pizza with a side of fries.  The Pepperoni is greater by far, but we have a fickle eater, so we have to do a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  As usual, good quality pizza, always meant to try some other topping but always come back to defaults.  Hey, if they're good, they're good...

They seems to be having some remodel but since the weather is nice enough out that patio is not bad.  

Ruggles Green
15903 City Walk
Sugarland, TX 77479

Monday, October 12, 2015

Dry Creek Cafe

Ended up in the Heights for an early lunch...
Haven't been to Dry Creek a while...
Still it was early, I ordered the lemonade, to my surprise, they brought a whole carafe.
Since I had a toddler in tow, fried food it is.  The chicken is not frozen, so we appreciate that.  I also ordered the chips and queso (not pictured).  If you're a weakling like me, just be aware that the queso is a tad spicy, not bad, just a small kick.  It has a bit of serrano pepper in there, does give it the taste, but not suitable for little ones unless he or she grew up eating peppers.

Dry Creek Cafe
544 Yale Street
Houston, TX 77007

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Hong Kong's Cafe

In some desperate need for comfort food.  For me, it's Hong Kong Street food.  Ok, not totally street you do go to a store, but they're everywhere, it's super convenient to go grab a bite.
I got Ying Yang, which is mix of coffee & milk tea.  As alot of people think, it's half and half as the name implied, but it's not true.  Wiki can tell you all about it.
Got my favorite Won Ton Noodles.  It's not the ones you get from the American Chinese restaurant.  Usually they make their own wonton fresh, and the noodle is egg noodle to boot.  Rather veggie comes with or not, it's up to the place.  The main thing about the wonton is that it is more meat than the 'skin'.  Alot of places gives you tons of the 'skin' which is also noodles in itself, but not alot of filling.  But this is the opposite, or rather, more authentic.  Now, I want another.

Hong Kong's Cafe
9108 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX