Thursday, October 1, 2015


Went to a quick meeting and went down to 19th Street, since I haven't been there a while.
They took over a neat little antique place from years ago.  What I didn't realized is that next door is a cigar shop and they share A/C vents.  So, when you go, at any given time, you may smell tobacco, and that's why.  It's kinda odd to me, because usually coffee masks alot of smell, but this round, tobacco won.
They do serve food here.  Though I didn't get any.  Just coffee this round.  I love the latte art, and wish more pros are accessible to all.  That said, I got the Mexican Mocha, you definitely can taste the mocha and coffee bits at the bottom of the cup.  I wish it'd be more like chocolate with more chocolatety goodness, but it was not bad.  

The place is spacious, lots of seating both inside and out.  Lots of folks bring their dogs and sit outside to enjoy the weather, of course, then you won't smell the tobacco.

Boomtown Coffee
242 W. 19th St
Houston, TX 77008  

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