Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Went to brunch at Downhouse.
Sunday is hard to find a seat, so go early.
Iced Brewed Coffee, very good.  It's super refreshing for a semi hot day.
We got the popover.  We got it for split. It's very souffle-ish.  Once you cut it open, it has holes for your yummy lemon curd or their raspberry jam that was made in house.  I'd get this again.... 
Sitting at the patio made me extra thirsty, ordered an Arnold Palmer.  OH Goodness, it was good... talk about it was curing the heat.
I got the Pork Hash, you can't see it underneath the eggs but they're there.  It has smoked pork, potato, feta.  The sauce it has it's so good, I wish they gave you a piece of Texas Toast and soak it all up.  Ok, let's be honest, I didn't finish it all, because that's actually alot of food.  But, if you ever looking for a hangover cure, this will be the one.

We have awesome service even though sitting at the patio.  The inside wait does have a 40 mins wait compare to sitting outside.  Luckily, it's covered, so it's not bad at all with a little breeze.  All of the servers have a great sense of humor, and it's pretty awesome.  They always stop by to check on us and made sure we got our drinks and our orders came out right.  I'd go back again.  And by the way, if you do have to wait, the coffee by the door is complementary.

In terms of parking, don't let the small lot to the side of the building intimidate you.  Drive down the side street, there's another lot available to diners.  Of course, if it's Sunday don't expect any street parking, as the nearby churches would've been there before you.  But any other day, parking on street is absolutely kosher.

1801 Yale Street
Houston, TX 7708

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