Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Jerry's Built

Went back to Jerry's Built for a quick lunch.
Since this time we went during off peak hours, hardly anybody was there.  Much less hectic than last time.  Of course, you get your shake and burger faster too.  Yummy on the chocolate shake, which my toddler basically thought I ordered that for him and pretty much brave thru brain freeze to suck down at least half of the small size shake.  Slurp!
I got the Bacon Cheddar BBQ, which in many places is Hickory Burger with bacon.  The only difference is that you get the 'Ernie's Sauce', which I haven't figured out what it's closed to yet, because I was too busy licking the BBQ sauce.  Anyway, it's good, you just have to try it.  For $2 more, you can get the gluten free buns too.  Now, if you want to try something entirely different, you can ask them to put portobello mushroom as buns too.  I'm going to have to remember that for next time.  Anyway, I just love how their beef tastes just as good as it smell on your way up to the door.  Definitely worth going back.

Jerry Built Burger
3501 W. Holcomb
Houston, TX 77025

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