Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Liberty Kitchen

Was looking for a good brunch spot and took myself to the Heights.
I like their food and last time I was with the kiddo it was a good experience, so why not. 
I got the short rib potato hash, which the bread is covering up the meat so you can't really see, but take my word for it, it's delicious.  I can dare say that I never had a bad dish at LK.  The rib is fall of the fork good.  The potato is nice and not mushy, definitely toddler approved.  And to balance in all, there's a mini salad, too.  Delicioso!

So the servers are kid-friendly.  The problem is, in the Heights, all the other families are having the same idea as you are about having brunch.  So, the only seating we had was the half booth that are bar height.  The problem with that is that there's nowhere to sit your active Toddler.  There are also no room for the coloring pages they generously offered us.  So, next time, with a kiddo, demand a table or a real booth. 

Another thing that was odd was that they were informing all customers to be sure to not leave anything valuable in the car.  Now, granted that message is not new, but what comes after is.  The hostess then said, recently we had alot of incidents.  That's unnerving for a breakfast bunch, you want to get some yummy breakfast, and now have to constantly think if my car will be broken into or not and hope a cop car drives by soon.

Liberty Kitchen
1050 Studemont
Houston, TX 77008

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