Monday, September 14, 2015

Kata Robata

Been a while since I was at Kata.  Figured we grab a quick lunch.
If you order their pre-set lunch menu, it has an option of soup or salad.  I got the salad with ginger dressing, the dressing is not the other Japanese places, there's something else in there that makes it sweeter than the others.
My prix fixe was 5 pieces of nigri and 2 rolls.  So I got Unagi, Scallop (whole), Salmon, Yellowfish (I think) and Tuna.  The rolls are really half rolls which makes a whole.  There's a California and a Spicy Salmon.  I would say the Tuna is the freshest I've had from them, the rest are good.  And had I remembered, I would've asked to have King Crab in my California Roll, with an up charge, of course.  But boy is it worth it!

Most impressed of all, is their service.  Always up to par, but I've had this server before.  We told him that we were in a hurry, not only does he make sure the sushi chef helps us out, he even came by to check on us just to make sure we got out of there in time.  Talk about efficient, and much appreciated in a time crunch.

Kata Robata
3600 Kirby
Suite H
Houston, TX  77098

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