Monday, June 1, 2015

Kata Robata

For my very be-lated birthday lunch, I was treated to Kata.
Can't believe that I haven't been since November.... boy do I miss their stuff.
We got the Fois Gras and Amberjack.  The fish is very good and the truffle oil is awesome, the fois gras wasn't as good as it normally was.  I just love to have the fois gras, the nuts and wrapped with the amberjack.  That way, you have the entire thing in one bite.
I got the Caribbean Roll, which is lobster, tuna, mango, avocado, eel sauce, and tobiko caviar.  I love how it's crunchy and still have tons of fish. 
For my bday dessert, I chose the green tea cheesecake with red bean ice cream.  You don't really feel like eating cheesecake, it's more like a chiffon cake, nice and soft.  Plus the red bean ice cream is very home made, unlike the ones I bought at the grocery store which are made somewhere, froze for a while and then I get them home.  It's hard to describe, but it's a kids we have red bean ice cream all the time and while they were also manufactured you know you're getting it fresh.

Like in the past, we went in the lunch time.  It's easier to get seating during lunch time on the weekend.  Plus we do go later than normal lunch rush, so it gets to be nice and not rushed and definitely walk in and get seated.  Try that time frame.

Kata Robata
3600 Kirby Ave
Ste H
Houston, TX 77098

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