Tuesday, June 23, 2015

EVA Air Hello Kitty Jet food onboard

Yesterday, was showing off on the food at the party, today, let's talk about what you'll get on the Hello Kitty flight.
This is the Shining Star Jet, which featured Little Twin Stars at the front, and My Melody & Hello Kitty are on the plane as well.  This is EVA's 7th Hello Kitty 777-300ER jet.  Since the airline hub in Taipei, Taiwan, all flights have to go thru there.  That said, they opened up a new route from Houston to SE Asia, which is a first for the company, and they have Hello Kitty and Friends to do the inaugural flight.  You can take EVA Air from Houston to Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Mainland China, and even Paris.  Of course, you have to stop over in Taipei.  And if you're lucky enough to fly out of Taipei, the gates at that airport has check-in kiosk, to boarding pass, to gate waiting area and special gate shop just for Hello Kitty, that's the dream, I tell ya.

Let's get on with the food!
 This is Hello Kitty's friend, Tippy.  Having him as the chef, all cuteness abound.  This is the display of all service item used on board.  They have 4 types of coasters to match the season.  Also menus to match the coasters.  On the left back corner is the kid's meal.  Scroll down for the food itself.
 Special Place mats, that matches the season as well.  Yes, even the snacks are Hello Kitty packaged.
 There's no boring peanuts here, they even have special candy themed.  Oh, and yes, so does the sugar packets and the utensils.  It's been known that this is the only airline that people are packing away the plane amenities like crazy.
 Cover of one of the 'Seasons' Menu, wet nap, and fancy napkin, all Kitty-fied.
Even your beverage menu is Kitty-fied.  Each plane has a theme, and each theme has it's own service items.  Such as specialized Safety Information cards, playing cards, headrest cover...etc.  There's a few standardized Hello Kitty items, such as drink menu, barf bag (yes, you read that right), rising cup, toilet paper (yes, it is Hello Kitty TP onboard), and soap.
Hello Kitty's bear, Tiny Chum is our Engineer, I just know the flight is super clean and tidy.  Get you to your destination safely.  

Here they displayed the inflight snacks.  Too bad, I didn't know you can take them.  By the time, I went back, all the snacks were gone.  :(  And yes, they have specially made ice cream cups for the flights. 
 Take a closer look!  I call this flavor, Cup O' Cuteness... even the spoons are Hello Kitty!!!!  Squee!
 On Board, I missed the first class entree meal, but caught the dessert trade.  As you can see, even though it's fancier, Hello Kitty's touch was not to be missed.  They have Kitty on top of the Strawberry Tart, and as mentioned before your napkin ring is also Hello Kitty.  

And yes, all flight attendants on this flight wear a special Hello Kitty apron.  Very rare and you can buy it via EVA Air's Sky Shop.  However, if you buy it on the plane, you get a special Hello Kitty bag, only available for on-flight purchased. 
 This is the Kid's meal I was talking about earlier.  They have fruit, dessert, macarons, cookies, omelet with meat and veggie in fun shapes, definitely get the kids excited about the meal.  
You see that pink tray on top, you can take that home.  It's in a shape of the famous Hello Kitty bow!
 Not shabby at all at the economy class as a matter of fact, there's more Kitty Goodness to be had back there.  This is the Seafood variety, you have salad, entree is shrimp pasta, also get some fruit and macarons, all have Hello Kitty's shape on it.  
(p.s. all seats have a cool pillow as you see there)
 On a different tray, you have pancakes & sausage, pasta, fruit plate, ice cream and cake, and macaron.  Even the cups have Kitty on it.
 These are just sample meals you can enjoy onboard.  That's one thing I love about travelling long haul, you do get better food than just a cold sandwich you pay $6 for, and it taste awful.  Asia Airlines want to out done each other by providing good food and now add Kitty to the mix, this is a class above.

This is truly a special flight, and this was a special event.  I've never toured a plane before it's inaugural flight before, especially with my favorite character of all time.  This takes the Kitty-Craze to the next level. The CEO of EVA Air is also a commercial pilot, if you board one of these flights, you just may get him as your pilot.  

The entire presentation was detailed and on point.  On the business side, they started a new route to establish ground for the airline here in the Houston market.  Establish relationship between the airline and the city.  On the cute side, they picked the most recognizable mascot as their representative, has a great collaboration with the parent company.  Invited the head designer as part of the tour and event.  It was just a joy to participate in it.

For more info on EVA Air,  Hello Kitty Jet (which flies 3 times per week out of IAH), and other Hello Kitty or EVA Air Goodness.  Go to EVA Air Website.  They also have downloads and wallpaper for you to keep.   For more of the party and my Hello Kitty crazy-ness, go to Pattykins.com for more pictures.

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