Thursday, February 22, 2018


Rare occasion that I get to go to Aka on a weekend. 
Started with Iced Green Tea.
Agadashi Tofu - nice and hot.  Fresh out of the fryer.
Stewed Pork Belly, the egg was too cold for my taste.  But the pork belly was flavorful, just wish it's stewed for a bit longer, and be softer and more tender.
Had a spicy salmon roll, with salmon skin handroll, and eel handroll.

Everything I had was delicious.  We didn't get my favorite server, but the other server are up to snub too.  I like that on Saturday, Sunday they have Happy Hour all day.  While not the entire menu on Happy Hour menu, but alot of yummy dishes are, so have no fear.  Show up and eat some good food.

Aka Sushi
2390 W. Alabama
Houston, Tx 

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Pho Binh

Went down the street to grab lunch with a co-worker, and ended up at Pho Binh.
We shared the Grilled Pork Spring Roll, it's grilled pork, vermicelli, lettuce, cucumber, carrot, sprout and you dip it in the fish sauce.  Bit of sauce will go a long way, so go easy on the fish sauce.
I got the pho with eye round, brisket, tendon, and tripe.  It was packed with lots of beef.  Noodles is at the bottom.  The soup is tasty enough, but I think they put some MSG in there, I can feel it.  It was good, but definitely something in there because I got a huge headache right after.

It is a casual place, you walk up, order at the counter, grab a number, then grab a seat.  They turn around is pretty fast.  I think it took us a bit more time to park the car than to get our car. During lunch time, lots of office workers nearby come here.  It started to get busy as we were leaving, so it could be the hole in the wall in the area.

Pho Binh
5901 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX 77057

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Maison Pucha

Super awesome Moms Night Out... landed us at Maison Pucha.
Been hearing news about them, since the Sous Chef came from Phillippe, after all, he held down the fort very well after the owner Phillippe left the Uptown restaurant few years back.  Always want people to succeed in this difficult industry.
Amuse bouche - Pao De Queijo - Brazilian cheese bread.
Lobster Bisque - they do pour it in front of you, but where is the lobster???
I got the Duck Confit.  It's definitely different, it's a crispy fried duck, on top of potato slices with a side of frisee salad.  Amazingly, the duck was not dry, but also don't have a lot of taste.  I actually liked the sauce on the frisee salad, I actually finished the entire thing.
At least there was a redeeming round of dessert.  This is the coffee creme brûlée with 3 Madeleines.  The coffee brûlée was different, not something you get anywhere.  Mixed with the fruit, it is actually pretty good.  The madeleines are orange flavored, so you can mix your orange with your coffee.

We came without reservations, but since we were early, they were able to seat us.  But reservations are highly recommended.  The service was great, though our server charged us on an item that was never delivered, but no problem taking it off.   We did see table side steak tartare and that is a show to itself.  The place is impressive, but the food unfortunately was not living up to it.  I can only hope over time they find a level that live up to their reputation.

Maison Pucha
1001 Studewood
Suite A
Houston, TX 77008

Monday, February 19, 2018

Biryani Pot Express

My friend and I were out in the boonies visiting a fellow mom friend.
Since we were both hungry, and I haven't had Indian for a long time, decided to stop in.

This is a unique store.  This is an Express, which they expect you to order to-go.  It is as a matter of fact in the back of a grocery store.  
I got the Masala Dosa.  This is a giant crepe, which is wider than the tray it comes in.  The crepe is made of soaked lentil.  Inside there's potato mix in there.  I forgot that they can be spicy, so needed my mango lassi to balance things out a bit.  They give you 3 dipping sauce. The red chutney sauce wasn't bad, the left one, I was hoping it'd be more curry-like, but it's not as thick as I'd hoped.  The last one, which I haven't figured out, was the best.

They have Biryani Pot all around town give them a try.

Biryani Pot Express
26440 FM 1093
Ste 470
Richmond, TX 77406

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Bokksu review

I'm telling you, I am such a sucker when I see an ad for subscription boxes.
 I just have a weird fascination to see what they have in the new box and compare to what they had in the past.  

One in particular is the Kit Kat box from Japan.  Japan is known for having regional Kit Kat flavors, and if there's a box full of different Kit Kats, sign me up!  I'm not necessary a huge Kit Kat fan per se, but if there's a chance to try something we don't normally get, why not?
Talk is cheap, let's see what's inside!

Whoa, look at all these Kit Kats!  They are all snack size, or in US, party size.  Let's see what they have here.... The are Cranberry & Almond Kit Kat, Matcha (Green Tea) Double Berry & Almond, Dark Chocolate, Dark Matcha, Matcha, Strawberry, Matcha Leaves, Hojicha (roasted green tea), Amao Strawberry, and Purple Yam Kit Kat.  Every box also comes with tea for you to pair with your snack, this time is White Peach Tea, which goes well with milk and Kit Kat.  As a bonus, they have a bag of Heart Shaped Japanese Senbei (rice cake) spiced with Pepper.  

So, first look, I was very surprised by how many variation of Green Tea there are.  In this box alone, there are 4 types, not to mention one mixed in with the Berry & Almond.  I do like the Dark Chocolate, and grateful that they give you 2 of each, so you don't get bored with a big bag of the same flavor.  The Strawberry apparently is more tart than the Amao Strawberry, which is sweeter.  I have yet to try the Purple Yam at the time of the post, but happy to post about it later.

Basically, how they group their selection is that they have the Luxury Edition, which they have higher quality of ingredients.  Adult Edition (mind out of gutter), is less sweet and possibly more intense flavor which is not made with children in mind.  Limited Edition, which was what I was thinking that they are only available in specific region of Japan.  I do remember seeing various flavors at Narita Airport's gift shop.  That's a huge seller for them, since Kit Kat is a well known brand, so different flavors are such great novelty.  I do know in Tokyo they even have a Kit Kat Chocolatory, where you can select different flavors like a high end Chocolatier shops.  Definitely an experience.  For now, I'll order snacks from a subscription box.


Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Agu Ramen

It's a rare occasion that I'm down on Westheimer for lunch.
Decided to stop at Agu, which I do occasionally dream about their broth.  Mmm...
Quick start - Iced Green tea.  The place is not big at all, some seating at the bar, couple of big tables and bunch of smaller tables and booth.
Appetizer: takoyaki.  I like theirs ok, not too much batter, and you do get some squid/calamari in there.  Sauce, is of course why we get it... is delicious.
I got the Tonkotsu Shoyu ramen - broth has been seeping for 24 hours, nice and tender pork, 60 degree egg, bamboo, scallions, some black sesame paste.  

I will say, the broth is the most layered and complex all across town.  The other one that tops it is the Agu Kotteri, which you can almost taste every hour they've put into the broth.  Noodle itself is nice, not too soggy, everything taste nicely together.  You don't feel like the pork was cooked separate from the broth where you can really taste the difference.

I will say, despite the place is small, they have enough tables to keep 2 servers and a bartender busy.  I was there for lunch, place wasn't seated fully but between getting my servers attention and wait for food, it did took an hour for one person.  Granted, I wasn't in a hurry that day, but since there's alot of offices around, I bet they do get crowded during lunch time.  So, time yourself accordingly.  

There are side parking on the side of the building, but there are additional parking at the back and next door.  Take advantage of that.

Agu Ramen Bistro
9310 Westheimer Rd
Houston, Tx 77063

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Mkt Bar

Whenever we go to a show downtown, it's easier to grab some good at Mkt Bar.
Got a yummy and refreshing Sparkling Lemonade.  SO good....
I am totally addicted to their plantain chips.  It comes with mango salsa and chimichurri sauce.  Both good, or if you're not a dipping into sauce person, the chips by itself is pretty good too.
This is my Fish and Chips.  Fish is lightly battered, so you're not eating nothing but batter.  The cod is pretty fresh too, it all went very well together.  Instead of fries, they give you chickpea fries, which is not heavy and sink you in.  As you can see, they give you pretty big pieces and it will fill you up, but you don't feel like going to a nap afterwards.

For those of you who've never been, Mkt Bar is pretty casual.  But check in at the front in case that night is busy.  Typically you just seat yourself and the server comes and get you.  Otherwise, the rest of the process goes pretty smooth with service, food delivery and what not.

Mkt Bar
1001 Austin St
Houston, TX 77010