Monday, March 27, 2017

Rise No.2

So lucky to get to go to lunch with a new colleague.
She picked French, so I brought her here at Rise
Got the Marshmallow Soup.  So cool to watch them pour the pesto down.
Don't forget to dip the breadstick, the yummiest, cheesiest ever.  Now, don't think I'm having true marshmallow in my soup.  It is actually mini cheese souffle in tomato based soup with pesto on top.  I'm not usually a tomato soup fan, but with this, I'll make an exception, because it is really THAT good.
This time I got the Southwest Chicken Souffle.  I forget how heavy they are, even though everyone makes fun that it's nothing but egg whites.  It's a lot of ingredients and you taste the chunks of chicken.  I was curious because it might be too heavy to rise up, but it does just fine.  They pour some hot sauce on top to give it a taste.  
For dessert, which we really shouldn't have but did anyway... went for the classic Chocolate Souffle.  It was all nice and pretty.  And just in case that's not enough chocolate for you, they also have a little thing of chocolate sauce for your chocolate souffle.  Wow.
They made it very pretty the way they poured.  But let's face it, it wasn't going to last long.  Basically, we hacked into it as soon as she put down the container.  It was delicious and not dry.  Mind you, this was a split, just because it is heavy.

Overall, the service is wonderful, they do aim to educate in case you don't know which to order.  And they do change up the menu since the last I've been here.  They've included more salad and soup selection.  Entire experience was just wonderful.

Rise No.2
1700 Post Oak Blvd
Ste #290
Houston, TX 77056

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Corner Bakery

Went to grab a quick breakfast...
at Corner Bakery, this time out on I-10 and Blalock.
This is a Commuter Croissant, which has eggs, bacon, cheese and tomato.  It's actually a huge breakfast sandwich.  After I had this, I basically skipped lunch.  It's a quick grab and go situation.

I've never been to this location before, but let me tell you, some of the 'regulars' were not too happy as they did not get their coffee fast enough.  I guess if you're really addicted and need it to help you get going, I guess I'd be too.

Corner Bakery
9311 H Katy Freeway
Houston, TX 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Junk food at Rodeo

As you go to Rodeo, there are actually plenty of food to choose from.
 We ended up eating at the Carnival part of the park...
... which are all fried bad choices.  We got the Jumbo Corn Dog.  It is basically a foot long corn dog.  I was grateful that the batter they fried it wasn't thick, and made it a tad crispy even.  That was a good thing.

I want you to know that they do have decent food between the Agventure and where the Carnival begin.  There's a row of food vendor that has decent barbecue, burritos, enchiladas, burgers...etc.  There are also Chik-fil-a, and several other vendors inside the NRG Center.  

We got carnival food because I got suckered into buying the Food Card at the pre-sale.  The deal was $20 for $30 worth of food.  But there are strings attached.  You can only use it with the Carnival food vendors, not the vendors at the front row I was telling you about.  And you cannot use the food card with a coupon from your Discount Pack.  Frankly, that's a total scam because the coupon would've been valid had I paid cash, but now somehow it's not valid because I'm paying with a pre-paid food card.  

You can actually bring your own food to the Rodeo.  As you walk, there's no real limitation as to where you have to have their food versus your own.  I've been told that you can sit at the wine bar during the day to enjoy your food, as they are not open until the evening.  But, we found plenty of seating, that wasn't much of an issue.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Every time I drive down Kirby from 59 to Richmond, I do reminisce the building where Miyako used to be.
Of course, that building has been leveled and there's no trace of Miyako that was there for over 15 years.  Luckily, they took over one of spots on Washington.  Easy garage parking, for easy access.
Since I came for lunch during the week, I took the bento which came with miso soup and salad.
I got the Beef Teriyaki Bento, but you see how much food that it comes with, right?  I have fried rice, 2 pieces of a roll, my teriyaki beef, potato salad, veggie tempura, and some pickle.  I couldn't even finish my food.  For $8.75, it's thoroughly satisfying for this much food.   They serve lunch from 11-2pm, Monday thru Friday.  Go give them a shot, definitely bang for your buck.

Miyako Sushi Bar
4601 Washington Ave
Ste 150
Houston, TX 77007

Monday, March 20, 2017


Took advantage of a free morning and stop in for a cup of latte.
The parking at Bebidas is awkward, especially when there's a crowd in the morning for the rush.  Just have to watch the signs near by as you park.
Got a Matcha Latte.  It's actually more creamy than Matcha.
Got me a Chorizo Breakfast Taco.  Learned from last time that one taco is plenty.
You got your eggs and chorizos.... nice to have a nice view to sit there and watch the traffic goes by.

Super friendly staff, the taco came out before the coffee this time, but everyone is super nice and working it as quick as they humanly possible.  Fun little spot for a stop!

2606 Edloe Street
Houston, TX 77027

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Melange Creperie

It's been such a long time since I had me some yummy Melange Crepe.
Caught them Eastside Farmers Market on Saturday.  To make sure they are there, you need to follow them on Twitter.  Or if you Tweet at them, they will respond relatively quickly.
Yep, got my Patty Special, which is sweet crepe of Nutella with banana and strawberry.  They did have some interesting savory crepes, but since we were late, some of the ingredients were out.  As usual, they have a great following.  The line is always 5 deep with multiple order per person.  That's just telling you how great they are.  

If you don't want to go out in the open, they are always at the Conservatory (downtown).

Melange Creperie
Eastside Farmers Market
3000 Richmond Ave
Houston, TX 
8am - Noon

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Went to Caracol for lunch after a very hectic week.
First thing we got was the fried oyster in the chipotle butter sauce.  Oh my, it was as delicious as I remembered it.  So good.  Next time, I'm getting a whole order to myself.
Got the: Tacos de Pescado Estilo Baja, which is crispy fried fish taco  with veggies and chipotle mayo, but there's also some bits of goat cheese to add texture.  It was delicious, especially when you sprinkle some lime juice on top.  The only thing is that I would add a bit of salsa to go along with it.  Otherwise, I was a happy camper.  

Needless to say, I finished the whole thing, no room for much else.  But otherwise, entire meal is top notch, I have not had any bad experience there.  The only thing was the server wasn't very clear on the dish description.  We figured it out eventually, but would've been helpful to make a better decision.  Like I said, nothing is bad there, so nothing to complain about, it's a 'would've been nice' thing.

Don't forget, you can either valet or self park.  Don't feel pressured, even though we valet-ed anyway.

2200 Post Oak Blvd
Ste 160
Houston, TX 77056