Thursday, December 8, 2016

PopUp Coffee Stop (PUCS)

Been meaning to catch PUCS...
...luckily, they were waiting just outside of an event I was at.  Easy peasy.  

This is Iced Mocha-licious, which is Chocolate Cashew cream, chocolate syrup, coconut cream, espresso, and milk.  I can barely taste the coconut cream, but I can taste the chocolate part.  It does have a nice kick to it.  $4.45 is not much different than Starbucks, but definitely worth supporting small business.

Pop Up Coffee Stop (PUCS)

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

House of Pies

Not common that I go to House of Pies for dinner.
But when you're hungry in odd hours at night, best place to go is House of Pies.
I got chicken strips to start.  They weren't bad, not dry.  I do like dipping them into the ranch dressing though. 
Actually the chicken was to go with my fully loaded spud, but it was just as good separated.  For a quick meal, this is not bad.  It's under $10 because the chicken strips were add on to my spud.  

Not shown: got a slice of Banana Bavarian to go.  I ordered it, but my eyes were too big for my stomach, and ended up taking it home.  But good nonetheless. 

House of Pies
3112 Kirby Dr
Houston, TX 77098

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Heard a lot of good things about the Happy Hour at Anejo.
Had to see it for myself.
Wine and cocktails, and of course... food.

Don't try to get a midori sour, it tasted weird.  I tried to get another cocktail, but they don't have rum after an event, so, you have to pick the right thing to order, nothing obscure.
Chips and Salsa, whatever or however they made those chips, they're addicting.  Something about it, it was soooooo good.
Barbacoa Nacho - Oaxaca Cheese, avocado, a dap of mayo on top of bit of barbacoa meat.  It is quite enough for the chip/topping ratio.
Chicken Tinga quesadilla as per the recommendation of the bartender.  It has chicken, Oaxacan creme, Chihuahua cheese.  Super delicious.

Between those we were super full.  I wanted to try the ceviche, but just don't have room.  It's definitely on my list.  Of course, seen a lot of great dishes too... next time!

1180-1 Uptown Park Blvd
Houston, TX 77056

Monday, December 5, 2016

Dak & Bop

Been meaning to try out Dak & Bop a while.
 Of course, this food trend was made popular by the Korean drama: My Love from the Star.  Their schtick was that the characters liked fried chicken and beer.  And who doesn't really?
 Since the order of chicken takes 30 mins, figured I'd order some fries to wait.  Heard about the Parmesan Truffle fries, was interested and dying to try.  Well... as you can see, it's fries with parmesan shredded on top, but they were a little heavy handed on the truffle oil.  Towards the side and the bottom, there were more oil and anything else, which means soggy, oily, cheesy fries, does not sound good, looked good, or taste good.  Meh.
So their menu even tells you that it will take 30 mins to prepare.  And boy, they were not joking.  They didn't even come 29 mins and 30 secs, right on the dot 30 mins.  Needless to say, if you have a beer, don't have anywhere to go, that's perfect, just don't be in a hurry when you order this, because they were not lying about how long it takes.  

I got the small combo mix of 4 stripes and one drumstick with medium spicy sauce.  Now, I'm a weakling, so that to me is spicy.  So, I guess next time, I should go a step down, but it was not for the weak.  The mix is soy garlic with hot and spicy.  And it was hot and spicy.  Mostly when it goes down.  I would say this, the meat is nice and fresh and moist, and no one dry bit in any bite I've taken.

As far as front of the house, the hostess is friendly enough, but if you ask for a change from where she assigned you for seating, expect poor service.  We had waited for good 5 mins before the server came to acknowledge our presence.  Took her another 2-4 mins to get our drinks, and of course, our order took 30 mins.  Overall, we spent over an hour, majority of the time waiting, our buster had given us better service than our server, that's a shame, let him me a server.  It was just too long for a few pieces of chicken.  Is the chicken good, yes, is it worth the wait, not really.  You can go to H-Mart's chicken stall and get the same thing.  Get your own beer down the beer aisle.  Get the order to go and save yourself some time.  The place is small because most of it was carved out for the bar to an already small space, and if you have a big party, be ready to be stuck in a corner because that's the only 'space' available.   

As far as parking goes, you can park at the adjacent garage, first floor only.  If you park above, or pulled a ticket, they do not validate.  Try the side streets, they're quicker.

Dak & Bop
1801 Binz
Suite 120
Houston, TX 77004

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Coco's Crepe

I love coming to Coco's for crepe.  
It's nice, clean, and the servers are nice.  When the weather is nice, you can sit out at the patio and enjoy the weather.
Here's their Banana Foster crepe.  Warm caramel, banana inside, and vanilla ice cream on top, ala mode.  Of course, not the best breakfast choice, but it sure was yummy. 

Kinda wish they note it on their menu that it comes with ice cream, so I don't make that mistake for breakfast.  But if ice cream comes with your breakfast, how bad could that day be, right? 

Coco's Crepe
2339 University Blvd
Houston, TX 77005

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Went to get some Mexican at Pico's.
We were smart, we got there before 6p and got a nice parking spot, nice table, and by the time we left, the waiting area was packed and people were driving around the parking lot hoping someone leaves.
Got the El Jefe margarita, which has Tequila, orange liqueur, lime juice in this cool shaker and on the rocks.  It is delish!
Chili Con Queso, just give me a straw and I'll just suck up this whole bowl.  Of course, I didn't, have to keep some kind of composure at a nice restaurant.
Got the smoked salmon quesadilla.  Let's try this other picture...
Tons of salmon, not to mention if you dip it in guacamole, that's very filling.  I tried the creamy chipotle sauce, it was just not as good as the guac.  Super filling, tons of salmon with chihuahua cheese, had to take half of it home.  Don't worry, did not bring the guac home.

The servers are super nice.  As a matter of fact, came by and checked on me while I was waiting for my friend.  And when we're both sitting down, he came and chatted with us a bit.  It was such an enjoyable experience, no wonder people are lining up to get in.

3601 Kirby Dr
Houston, TX 77098

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Bernie's Burger Bus

Went back to Bernie's...
They have moved a few tables around but still kitchy.  Love the menu!
Got the Strawberry Lemonade, it was a tad too sweet even for my taste.
Got the Pre-Schoolers, which is 2 mini cheese burger sliders with pickle, mustard, and ketchup.   I love how fresh their meat is, and love that mini bun.  Not because they're small and cute, it something about it very sweet.  Also got a side of fries, hand cut and all.

I love that everything is super fresh and it tasted it.  It is on the pricy side, but it was totally worth it.  Not that we come here everyday, just every so often. Worth it.

Bernie's Burger Bus
5407 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX 77401