Wednesday, July 19, 2017


I don't usually eat up at the Woodlands, but business took me there, and Jasper's came highly recommended.
The sign said they're upscale casual dining, sound a bit contradictory.
 For appetizer, we thought Blue Cheese Chips sounded interesting, why not...  It is exactly that, house made potato chips with blue cheese melted on top, and topped with more blue cheese.  This was unique and turned out to be a good choice.
 For lunch, I did the half sandwich and half salad, and boy was I glad that I made that decision.  The portion was just right.
 I got a half caesar salad.  I liked that the dressing is not too strong and it gives it enough taste plus the cheese was just nice.
This is half of Corned Beef Reuben, which came highly recommended by my coworker.  This has over an inch of corned beef, seared, with their secret sauce (Russian dressing), with apple sauerkraut, in-between two slices of marble bread.  The sandwich is warm, and the sauce dripping and it was delicious.  It was a good recommendation, and so glad I got that.

The place is upscale in the Main Street area in the Woodlands.  It faces a nice lawn and you get to see some green space and some fun shopping space.  I heard that on weekends and holidays, that is the place to be.  For upscale bar, this is the spot, the service is good and the food is top notch.  I do look forward to going back there.

Jasper's (The Woodlands)
9595 Six Pines Dr.
The Woodlands, TX 77380

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Empire Cafe

It's been a loooooong time since I ate at Empire Cafe.  Not that I don't want to, their food and selection is still good, I just don't live near enough and don't have the patience for brunch parking.  You have to go early.  So it's nice to go during the week.
 Had my favorite Milky Way, which is latte with hazelnut mix with caramel, and chocolate syrup.  It really does taste like a Milky Way.  My favorite part of all that, is the cookies.  When it's hot, it's great to dip with... so delightful!
Since it's weekday, no Migas for me (sad).  But instead, I got the Spinach Frittatas.  It's actually huge, which the photo doesn't do it justice.  It came with a side of herb roasted potato (yummo!), and a side of fruit.  I did attempt to finish the entire dish, and then felt super full and wanted someone to roll me out of there.  It was good, and I was reminded why I like to go there.  Unique decor, good selection of beer and coffee, and good food.  Don't forget they have a parking lot behind the building, if you have to park on the street, don't forget to check the signs.

Empire Cafe
1732 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX 77098

Monday, July 17, 2017

Fuji Ramen King

Drove down Holcomb and found this hole in the wall place... curiosity kills the cat, let's see what they're about...
They've got bubble tea, but since I'm eating savory, figured that I'll save the bubbles for later.
Got a side of egg roll to start... sometimes I just want junk food... it's nice an quick from the fryer.
This is their Tonkotsu ramen.  The noodle is the thick egg noodles, the fish cakes are the standard ones you buy at any Asian Supermarket, but the veggie, scallions are fresh.  I will comment that the meat is surprisingly tasty.  Nice and soft, not too chewy.  The broth doesn't have much taste, but the meat was good and made up for that.

So this is a mom and pop shop, they do mostly take-outs, but if you walk in, they do have some seatings for that.  The shop is so small that you basically can't really turn around, so grab your seat and sit down.  They also offer Baos, Banh-mi, BBQ Skewers.  It's not bad for a quick neighborhood joint.  

Besides bubble tea, they also have smoothies, fancy coffee of types, handmade buns for special order available too.  If parking at the front is unavailable or too scary to pull out, there are more parking at the back of the building.

Fuji Ramen King
2518 Holcomb
Houston, TX 

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Went to Americas for a friend's birthday.  I haven't been there for at least 2 years.  Not for any particular reasons, just didn't have the occasions and it's not exactly in my hood.
 For start, I had a side salad, it's pretty huge for a side salad.  It has various greens, corn, tomato (peeled), pickled onion and feta cheese.  I asked for vinaigrette but it doesn't taste like there were any there.
Since the power went out mid meal due to a thunderstorm, we all dined by candlelight.  Luckily, our food were cooked on gas stove, so didn't impact our food coming out.  For sure, drinks they can keep refilling.  

Anyway, I got the Chicken Fried Lobster Taco, which has hoisin sauce, cole slaw, avocado, the lobster.  The side was rice with plantain and beans.  I cut the lobster in half just knowing that it'll bound to overflow.  But that didn't do the trick it still went over.  So maybe 2/3 size would work.

So, it was strange, it poured, thundered and power went out.  Even though we were seated around 6pm, dinner prime time is usually 6:30 -7:30p, and the power didn't go out until after 7pm.  But we look around, there were plenty of tables emptied.  For a very popular spot for dinner and it's a Saturday night, we were very surprised that there weren't more customers.  Of course, once the power was out, they call the patrons to let them know that they have no power and cancel what they can.  But still, I can imagine people are already there earlier.  So, it was strange to witness for a Cordua establishment.

2040 West Gray
Houston, TX 77019

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Five Guys

Whenever we're out in Katy, we will always stop by Five Guys.
Amazingly, the small fries is supposed to be that small, but it came with a big bag of over flow.  Note to self, ask for kid's size, which will probably be correct.  A quick note, they also cook it in peanut oil, in case you have peanut allergies.
This is a Little Hamburger, which is really a normal size hamburger.  I had lettuce, bbq sauce, and mushroom, and that's already lots.  If you're real hungry, get the double, which has 2 patties and add all the toppings you want, which will guarantee you to be full.

Five Guys Burgers
1150 N. Fry Road
Suite A
Houston, TX 77084

Monday, July 10, 2017

Table 57

We always enjoy going to Table 57.   Food is good, they have great live music, the kids can run around at the play area.
Got there for brunch and invited a few more friends who've never came for brunch.  They were so impressed that they can do grocery shopping later.  Let me tell you, as a mom, these are the precious moments where you can combine several need-to-dos with nice-to-have scenarios.  

Anyway, got the breakfast my way with 2 eggs (sunny side up), bacon (nice and crispy), diced potato (that has a kick to it).  Of course, it came with biscuit should you want to make your own breakfast sandwich.  It was lots of food, shared with the kiddo and barely finished it for the 2 of us.  The dining here is casual and easy.  Though, now that the heat has been turned on here in Houston, it's less enjoyable being outside, both for little kids and grownups.   We'll be back, but will be in the side room next round.

Table 57
inside HEB on San Felipe
5895 San Felipe
Houston, TX 77057

Thursday, July 6, 2017


I was dying for something sweet and came across Popfancy.
It is located at the Rink Level of the Galleria mall.
These are fancy popsicle flavors, include Thai Tea, Caphe Su Da, Champagne Pear, Coconut Milk... and more.
I went with Lavender Matcha (Green Tea).
Wow, came out very pretty.  Flavor is not bad either.  You can definitely taste the green tea, the lavender so-so.  But I do feel like I'm having cold green tea with creamy flavor.   Definitely going back and try the other flavors.

Popfancy Pops
Houston Galleria Mall
Rink Level
5085 Westheimer Rd
Court Ste 110
Houston, TX 77056