Monday, January 23, 2017

Forced to take a break

Yep, mean people suck.  
My car was broken into, and they took my phone... so nothing to report until I can get my backup going.  Figured might as well take a week hiatus, and regroup next week.  Check back then!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Ragin' Cajun

Today's Desktop Cafe is Ragin' Cajun'
I don't work out of downtown much anymore after being in downtown for 15 years.  So, when I do work out of there, there's a sense of excitement because of the tunnels and a sense of confusion, because all the stuff I used to know that are located in the tunnels have either changed over, renovated, moved or gone.  So, it was nice to see Ragin' Cajun' still in their spot.
Got the chicken and sausage jambalaya  looked good.  It's all mushed into a small container, but don't let that fool you.  It's pack with punch on spice.  I had to have my water with me at all times.  Ok, I'm also a weakling, but still. 

Their service is super quick in the tunnels.  I haven't had Treebeards for a while, wonder how that fair in comparison.

Ragin' Cajun
930 Main Street
Houston, TX 77002

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Torero

I have been watching a lot of Korean Drama (kdrama) and inevitably, made me want to have some Korean food.
Talk about killing two birds with one stone, I had to go to H-Mart anyway, so stopped to get some chicken.
This is their Kimchi fries with Bulgogi, so delicious.  But what made it awesome is the mix of spicy sauce and mayo sauce together.  So bad for you, but so good.  What you don't see is that in the middle between the layers of fries, there is a layer of bulgogi meat, so delicious.
They also have bubble tea, except that day, they ran out of bubbles, so I just got a Honeydew Smoothie.  
Got the Original -small no spicy fried chicken.  It came with a side of pickled turnip.  I love the Korean fried chicken.  First of all, it's fried chicken.  Second, it's never dried, and it's crunchy, and never greasy.  They even give you plastic gloves for your handy use.  No more feeling greasy or oily after eating.  Super thoughtful of them.  We basically could not finish all the food and took the chicken home.

The ToreOre
inside H-Mart
1302 Blalock Road
Houston, TX 77055

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Went to Happy Hour with a friend before a show downtown.
Haven't been back to Azuma for a while.  Not on purpose, but I'm not close to the Sugarland location where you get that nice view of the lake.  The parking in the Village location can be hectic, and since I don't work downtown anymore, there's no reason for me to head to that location either.  Just that it's a quick and good bite before a show, and it worked out perfectly.
Unagi roll - eel, cucumber and eel sauce.
Spicy salmon roll
Sashimi sampler which had tuna, salmon, and white fish, with a soy based spicy sauce, sweet and sour sauce, and forgot the last sauce.
Was super curious with the curry fries, and amazingly, it was delicious.  It is the Japanese style curry and it has the crispy fries, and you dip it.  It is much like the potato you get from the curry over rice, except with a crunch.  It was delicious!  

Entire meal didn't cost too much because it was happy hour.  My friend knows everyone there, this was practically her 'Cheers', where everybody knows your name.  I did have a glass of wine, and the happy hour wine list is not bad either, I just happen to get someone off of the regular wine list.  Totally worth going.

Azuma Susah & Robata Bar
909 Texas Street
Houston, TX 77002

Monday, January 16, 2017

Flo Paris Bakery

Went to grab a quick bite.  Ended up at Flo in Village.
 At that location, they have salads, quiche, sandwiches for a quick lunch.  I got the salmon salad.  It has nice pieces laid on top of a bed of arugula with a lemony vinaigarette.
 Got a cup of the French Onion soup.  Don't be deceived, it is cheese on top of a toast.  So you have to carefully break your piece of toast into your soup.  It's delicious nonetheless.
To top it off, I got a piece of dessert to top it off.  I got the 3 mousse chocolat and delicious that it was.  The bottom has this cookie crust and have dark chocolate with cocoa powder on top and it really put me over.  I couldn't even finished it.  One regret, I should've gotten coffee with my dessert to help.  Haha... shouldn't be too greedy, eh?

The format is like the Flo on Wertheimer, you order at the counter and they give you a number and you take a seat.  The place is small but spacious and on a good day, you can sit outside at the sidewalk.  Almost everyone there speaks French, and maybe that's one of the hiring requirement, but it does add to the European feel to the place.  The difference between this location and the Wertheimer one is that they do not have crepes here, not certain about breakfast.

Flo Paris
5407 Morningside
Houston, TX 77005

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Six Ping Bakery

My mom was in Chinatown and got couple pieces of cakes.
 If you buy a few, they just give you these cute little boxes, one per piece.
This is a Montblanc, which is a chestnut cake more or less.  This one is pretty and at the bottom is cheesecake type filling inside the tart shell.  It was pretty tasty, of course I was eating it more for the chestnut than anything else.  

We usually go there for bread, they have different type of fillings in various type of bread.  They of course have big cakes, but these little ones are cute too.

Six Ping
9889 Belliare Blvd
Houston, TX 77036

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

NAO Ramen House

Went back to NAO for a mommy's dinner.  I thoroughly enjoy the company, and just wish the food would match.
 This time I went on a weekday night, and had hope that my experience would be different from the last.
 We ordered starters with edamame and Kyoto Fries, which has eel sauce, mayo, bacon, scallion, and seaweed flakes.  That was pretty much the highlight of my night, it was delicious, and really addictive.  It was that good.
For ramen dish, I ordered beef shoyu this time.  Beef broth, steak, veggie, 63 degree egg and I added fish cake.   Sadly, the food experience was not good either.  Everything is 'cooked' per se, the steak (as you can see here) it's a tad red still.  The noodle is cooked fine, nothing special to it.  Sadly the broth has no taste, I mean, you can barely taste the salt and that's about it.  Once you've had Agu's & Ninja's broth and how rich it tastes, you can tell the fakes quickly.

While I enjoyed the fries tremendously, it's not enough for me to come back after 2 attempts of bad experience on the food.  I know the place will work for a while despite of the quality, mainly due to location.  But, don't let them fool you.  There are great ramen out there.  Just because it's convenient in the Rice Village, doesn't mean you have to suffer subpar quality.

NAO Ramen House
5510 Morningside
Ste 120
Houston, TX 77005