Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ruggles Green

Patty says: for a place that's supposed to have nothing but organic food, and be green all the way; Ruggles outdid themselves once again. I was highly skeptical, but when I walk up, the place is small and intimate, and the set up is much like the Bakery in the Village. I had the Vegetable Minestrone and the Rack of Lamb. Let me tell you, scrumptious all the way. I may just want to bathe in that wine sauce the lamb was in. Reasonably priced, and nice atmosphere. I recommend the place for casual or fancy dinner.

It is located on Alambama, between Shepherd and Kirby. It is in the same strip center as Wine Bucket.

Go try it!

Here's the menu.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


David says: I had to nix the Texas gravy on the chihuahua cheese enchiladas, but it was still as good as it used to be. Very lively place on a Saturday night, not the place to go for a quiet meal. The mariachis can get pretty loud considering they are acoustic. Great place to go for some atmosphere and margaritas.

Patty says: Wow, haven't been to Pico's for quite some time. I forgot how loud and small the place is. They always have an in-house mini-band to walk around. What's good is that if you're getting drunk, they're perfect for drunk singing. If you're sober, it's just loud music walking around a tiny restaurant.

They've changed their menu since the last time I've been there, so my favorite pork chop is not on there anymore. But I managed to still stay w/ pork, and had the Mancha Mantele. It's stew-like and it has fall-off-the-bone meat with pineapple, carrots, mole' and other veggies. It's really a stew for those who don't know. Yes, it's on the sweeter side, but there's nothing wrong with that. ;)

Flan is thicker than I remember them to be. It's not as sweet w/ the caramel as I remember, but all in all I have not met a dessert that I do not like. Our friends had margarita, which is what they're known for, so definitely go give them a try.

Pico's Mex Mex Restaurant
5941 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX 77081