Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ruggles Green

Patty says: for a place that's supposed to have nothing but organic food, and be green all the way; Ruggles outdid themselves once again. I was highly skeptical, but when I walk up, the place is small and intimate, and the set up is much like the Bakery in the Village. I had the Vegetable Minestrone and the Rack of Lamb. Let me tell you, scrumptious all the way. I may just want to bathe in that wine sauce the lamb was in. Reasonably priced, and nice atmosphere. I recommend the place for casual or fancy dinner.

It is located on Alambama, between Shepherd and Kirby. It is in the same strip center as Wine Bucket.

Go try it!

Here's the menu.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


David says: I had to nix the Texas gravy on the chihuahua cheese enchiladas, but it was still as good as it used to be. Very lively place on a Saturday night, not the place to go for a quiet meal. The mariachis can get pretty loud considering they are acoustic. Great place to go for some atmosphere and margaritas.

Patty says: Wow, haven't been to Pico's for quite some time. I forgot how loud and small the place is. They always have an in-house mini-band to walk around. What's good is that if you're getting drunk, they're perfect for drunk singing. If you're sober, it's just loud music walking around a tiny restaurant.

They've changed their menu since the last time I've been there, so my favorite pork chop is not on there anymore. But I managed to still stay w/ pork, and had the Mancha Mantele. It's stew-like and it has fall-off-the-bone meat with pineapple, carrots, mole' and other veggies. It's really a stew for those who don't know. Yes, it's on the sweeter side, but there's nothing wrong with that. ;)

Flan is thicker than I remember them to be. It's not as sweet w/ the caramel as I remember, but all in all I have not met a dessert that I do not like. Our friends had margarita, which is what they're known for, so definitely go give them a try.

Pico's Mex Mex Restaurant
5941 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX 77081

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving at Benjy's

David says: We had a gourmet Thanksgiving meal this year at Benjy's in Rice Village. I opened with the Sweet Potato Bisque which was the bomb. Followed up with turkey and green beans and finally some ice cream with chocolate sauce. Gluten-free so no dressing for me, but I heard it was good.

Patty says: You know, Benjy's has always been known for their good food and fun lounge. For some reason, maybe because of their prix fixed menu, things aren't as up to par as they used to. Granted, service is still good. Bread and drinks are still good. Their Sweet Potato Bisque was talk of our table. But, the main entree' was not as up to par as I remembered them to be. I had the corn crusted salmon and it was drier than I like. The stuffing was good and and mashed potato was good. But the main event left little to be desired.

The dessert was great, their Mom's cake which is like a brownie, is more cake than brownie. There's still the ooey and gooey goodness, but it's still cake enough to be a cake. It was good!

Here's their special menau
First Course
SWEET POTATO BISQUE with cayenne pecans and toasted marshmallow meringue
BUTTER LETTUCE SALAD with blue cheese, toasted hazelnuts, and port wine-cranberry vinaigrette

RED WINE BRAISED BEEF SHORT RIBwith herb roasted forest mushrooms and natural pan sauce
CORN CRUSTED CANADIAN SALMONwith roasted pepper-coriander coulis
ALL SERVED WITH:roasted garlic whipped potatoes “green bean casserole” with crispy onions roasted chestnut and apple stuffing

PUMPKIN PIE with cinnamon cream
MOM’S CHOCOLATE CAKE with chocolate pecan ganache icing
MAPLE-PECAN PIE with grand marnier infused citrus sauce


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Firehouse Subs - West University

David says: The new Firehouse Subs finally opened by us in West University. Quite a bit smaller than the others we have been to, but great to have one close by. But oy ve with the construction traffic in the area already!

No meatball or any other subs while I'm on a gluten-free diet. No problem, the Chief (not chef) salad at Firehouse Subs is great. I've had the smoked turkey several times now, best salad I've ever had. It's really good with the bottled BBQ style sauce they have too (Captain Sorensen's?).

Bonus, you can place your order online!

Firehouse Subs
3924 Bellaire Blvd.
Houston, TX, 77005
Phone: 713.665.7827

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kobe Sushi

Patty says: Kobe moved from their little strip mall to a bigger strip center. It's got private room as well as dining. It's kinda weird when the entry way has 2 walls guiding you to the bar, and the dinning splits. One side has a nice sofa and some leather booths, the other just tables.

Sushi Bar is quick but the servers aren't. So, if you're hungry, sit at the bar. Their signature roll, Kobe Roll has asparagus, crunchy tuna and regular tuna with salmon on top of the roll. Sounds like alot, but it came out small. I'd recommend it.

The rest of the sushi seems to be fresh, I wouldn't hestitate to return.

Kobe Japanese Restaurant
(713) 827-8329
9751 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX 77024

Saturday, November 15, 2008

La Carafe

Patty says: La Carafe looks like it'd be a neat little hole in the wall type of place. The home of the oldest building still remaining at the Houston Downtown Market Square, the building is definitely old but the inside don't feel it. The music from the jukebox is the Rat Pack error and some blues.

The good thing is that the bartender is friendly, they clean up tables very quickly. The wine list was not bad. Nothing too fancy but definitely not shabby. Prices were compable to what's out there at wine places. Bad thing is that they are Cash Only! But no fear they have a no-name ATM that charges you $1.50 for transaction fee to get your own money out.

Here's the link to La Carafe. You can definitely enjoy being in the middle of the Houston Skyline, sitting outside. The inside was a tad warmer than we liked, but outside was great for a perfect weather night!

Wii Fit

David says: Not bad so far. I'm enjoying the Yoga for winding down and relaxing. I would like the Fit board to be a little wider and taller.

Patty says: I love it!!! I've earned 30 mins just wanting to try more games and try to unlock new moves or games. I would say, I don't mind doing the Yoga on Wii Fit as opposed to real life (I'm too competitive for Yoga!). And while me and my mii were overweight and out of shape, we are working hard to get moving. The least favorite one for me (right now) is the Table Tilt. But, that was because I had my balance board backwards... I was playing it and kept yelling how this is counter-intuitive. Turned out my board was on backwards... no, duh!

Anyway, good fun, I give it an A++ Go try it!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Firehouse Subs - 11/11/2008

David says: Hmmmm, do we really need another sandwich place? Subway, Quizno's, Potbelly, Which Wich, Jimmy Johns, Schlotzky's... I've had their meatball sub twice, that sandwich is da bomb! I hope to try some of their others one of these days, but probably be stuck on the meatball for a while.

Patty says: It was good, to my surprise. It's seriously better than Quizno's & Potbelly's. And I *heart* Potbelly. They do smoke it, and I don't just mean that they run it into the toaster, they keep the meat warm, and smoked it then they run it to the toaster when you order it.

I sure hope someone franchise one inside the Loop soon!

Firehouse Subs

Monday, November 10, 2008

Made of Honor

David says: Good chick flick but the ending kind of caved in for me. Not sure what it needed, but just felt kind of lacking to me.

Patty says: I *heart* Patrick Dempsey. I'm so impressed that the makeup people were able to make him look like he did right after Can't Buy Me Love. Definitely a cute movie, just as cute as 27 Dresses. Althought I have to agree that the ending lack luster... could've been a tad more hyped, but that didn't happen.

You know you've always wonder who invented the coffee sleeve at Starbucks. Turned out, it's Patrick Dempsey... haha... NOT!

Yum Yum Cha Cafe - 11/09/2008

David says: Excellent food as always. They could definitely use room for more tables, but not too long of a wait for a Sunday afternoon. Cha sui bau (Pork Bun)and chong fun (fried rice-noodle) are still the best. And don't forget the daan tat (egg custard tart) for dessert!

Patty says: I like the food, it's good and authentic. They can definitely expand, add a few more tables and few more wait staff. You do feel rush when you go because there's always people waiting. I have to say, they are worth waiting for, but hope you're not starving.