Thursday, June 11, 2015

Oui Desserts

Haven't been back to Oui a while, so I decided to stop in for a quick break.
 Things seems to be much better run than when they first opened.  That's a good sign, because I really want them to stick around.
 Variety of macarons and of course desserts, and don't forget they have brownies and cookies too.  Here's the trick on their macarons... they don't all price the same, they varies from $1.25-$2.  I brought that up to the owner and asked how come they're priced different.  She said that it depends on the ingredients.  For instance, the fruit macs, they used real fruit and the process is more involved.  Versus some other ones are easier to make and the cost helps breakeven.  My only complaint on the macs is the way they look.  They look like when I first started making macs, lumpy and uneven.  For professionals like they are and the volume they make, things should've smoothed out by now.  That's definitely unusual, even though it gives the macs characters.   
I got the Apple Tart.  As you can see, a crust, the filling were the frangipane almond cream.  And then she layed the slices of apple on top, with almond on top of that too.  It all baked together, very nice. The flavor is harmonious and yum doesn't even begin to describe it.  Go try it yourself.

Oui Dessert
3411 Kirby Dr
Houston, TX 77098

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