Thursday, February 6, 2014

Oui Dessert

So we just got done with eating sushi at Sushi King's next door.  I saw this sign.
Very clever, I thought.  And how very French of them!  Of course, right after dinner, I demanded to go be nosy.  Because if they are French-ish and Dessert place, they must have...
MACARONS!!!!  That's right, boys and girls, a new place for macs!
This is their soft opening, and they have 4 flavors.  Chocolate, Vanilla, Coffee, and Raspberry.
Both the Chocolate and Vanilla must've been made that day.  Because the shell is nice and chewy.  Versus the Coffee and Raspberry was in the fridge too long, it started to crack as you bit into them.  However, the latter two filling is delish!  The coffee, she must've put some coffee in the shell because it came thru nicely.  The raspberry, besides jam filling, she also had some mascarpone cheese to compliment.  It was yummy, too bad the shell broke as you bite into them.  But for $1.50, it's worth the price.

She asked us for feedback, and we were honest, telling her what we thought.  Not that I'm a professional baker like she is, but after having made macarons, and post about them over 80 times, I know what I'm eating and how they are made, let's say. 

As you saw in the case, she also has eclaire, tarts, brulee, bread, and cookies.  Right now, it's just the owner, one man band.  But, I see good things for them, they are next to a sushi place, a bao/ramen place, a Mexican place, and a pizza joint in the corner of the same strip center.  I hope this keeps going!

Oui Dessert
3411 Kirby Dr.
Houston, TX

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