Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sushi King

So, David found out that Sushi King has a gluten free menu, thought we give them a try
They do have a separate Gluten Free/Vegetarian menu, but you have to ask for it when you're being seated.
Agedashi Tofu, they used gluten free ponzu sauce.  I forgot to ask what was the batter, if any on the tofu.  Most don't but if you are deadly allergic, you should ask.
 The top roll is Spicy Salmon Roll.  The bottom is Houston roll, which has salmon, tuna, yellowtail with avocado.  Very filling.
This is the King Crab Rainbow roll.  The King Crab is in the middle, but if you count the color, they do get 7 types of topping.  Though the menu said 7 types of fish, they are misnomer because they included shrimp and squid, which both are not fish.  Delicious just the same.
Of course, I have to get their chopped scallops, it's nice and fresh.  No complaints here.

I don't usually go to Sushi King even though they've been around for a while now.  Mainly because for similar pricing I can get good quality and creative Japanese food catty corner from Sushi King, at Kata's.  And since I'm adventurous with food, I like the creative part of Kata.  Sushi King did a good job with the gluten free menu.  It helps customer with a very good guide as to what is or isn't gluten free.  Even their servers are knowledgable.  Our server came back and told us what we ordered has gluten in it, if it's ok.  I wish more servers paid that close attention like that guy.

Sushi King
3401 Kirby Dr
Houston, TX

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