Thursday, February 27, 2014

House of Pies

You know when you know you can't have something you miss it even more?  That is the case with House of Pies
Ever since the fire burned the Kirby's location, and they were out from October till now, the more I'm craving their food.  Not that it was exceptionally good, just a comfort thing.
For breakfast, because it's too early to have pie - nonsense, I know, but I have to have some sort of normalcy.  For breakfast, morning or late night, I always get their corn beef hash and eggs.  So, as you can see here, it comes with 2 eggs (any style), corn beef hash (delicious with eggs), and cottage fries (aka tator tots).  It usually came with toast too, but wasn't going to add on to the load on carbs.  It's delicious as I remembered it from the Kirby location.  It's just quaint because it's dive-y cafe type feel for breakfast.  Too bad it was too early for pie.

House of Pies
6142 Westheimer Rd.
Houston, TX 

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