Monday, February 17, 2014

Korea house

Since the last time I went to Korea House, this time we got a gang to take advantage of their All You Can Eat Korean BBQ.
As usual, they give you a spread of sides.  We also ordered the egg pancake, and dumplings.  Which was much like the Japanese Gyoza, but without the ponzo dipping sauce.
This is also part of the menu, this is the spicy squid.  They cook that separately, so by the time it arrive to the table, it's a nice bucket of yummy spicy calamari.
The wait staff put down all of the meat and getting ready to cook.  One of our burner was out, so these meat, was waiting for the other burner to cook the rest.  If you want, the staff would cook it all for you too.
Here's another shot of the egg pancake, it has scallion and spices, and here's the dumplings.
And of course, the purple rice.

This time the purple rice is not in a rock bowl, it does come out piping hot.  What I'm impressed about this place is that usually when we go to Korean BBQ, you're sure to smell like the meal after.  Surprisingly, this time, there were no smell what-so-ever.  

You do get to order #1-14 and however many times you want.  You definitely want to get the spicy pork and ribs (both not pictured - because as soon as they hit the table, it's all gone).  The spicy pork was so well marinated, albeit truly spicy, it's so delicious.  If you were to get anything else, you need to get it just to taste it for yourself.  This time, there's no soup or dessert after, but it still worth it.  There were 7 of us, and it came out to $33 per person, which was $26 + tax + tips.

Korea House
10078 Long Point
Houston, TX 77055

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