Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Korea House

When I saw a friend went to Korea House and had a great experience, I was curious about it. 
It's on Long Point along with alot of the other authentic Korean restaurants, but it's further away from the main corner down on Blalock.  This place is by Gessner, which is not my normal Korean hang out.
I love eating Korean food just for these side dishes.  Although, I do miss the little anchovies, mini veggies, and cucumber.  Those are to balance out the spiciness you get from Kimchi and other spicy dishes.
This place has purple rice, which you don't get alot.  They also have other beans in the pot.  These pots were cooked over open fire.  So the rice do stick to the rock pot.  They give you a glass of hot water to pour into your bowl to lift the sticky rice out.
We got their Bulgogi beef.  Very well marinated.
This is their grilled mackerel, very well seasoned.  I ate more than half of this fish.
They give you a soup on the side.  It has tofu, peppers, onions, cucumber, and not at all spicy.
At the very end, as a dessert, they give you this sweet soup.  It's cold and light in texture.  But it's made with a type of rice.  It's quite good.

One of the reason we came here is because we heard about their All You Can Eat menu.  But the thing is, it cost $26 per person, so while each dish you order to cook at the table is about $12 or $13, but to make that worth it, that would be 4 dishes for the two of us, which we cannot finish.  

So by accident, we saw the lunch special of $26 for two, we decided to give that a try.  Not knowing that everything is already cooked for us.  I was a bit disappointed because part of the experience for the Korean dining is the cooking at the table.  Not that they cook for you.  We've decided that next time when we come, we have to get a few more people to make it all worth while.

Korea House
10078 Long Point Rd
Houston, TX 77055

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