Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Was meeting a coworker for a night out, but before we wanted to grab a bite. By chance, we ended up at Straits.  
We started with the beef satay.  That's pretty straight forward, pretty hard to screw this up.
This is their version of the Hainan Chicken dish.  It is more new age than I'm used to.  There's more rice than chicken, but the rice is good.  The soup was too cold, and the sauces didn't go well with the dish.  I will say that they fried the chicken skin, that's what dividing the chicken and the rice.  That, was good.
This is the seafood pad thai.  The sauce is good, much closer to the originals.  

I know their food is a fusion Asian style, but I think if they are being creative and going new age, they should name it something else.  When they use the same name, it rings certain expectations up for the dish, and your brain already have your taste buds expecting certain things.  When you have a different name, it just helps to create a different and new experience.

The atmosphere is very hip and young, definitely fit in the whole City Centre mood.  I heard that at weekend nights, they even have a DJ at their bar and pump up the mood.  I do get weary about a place that rather drum up alcohol business, how focused their food would be.  As it turns out, one plus and one minus, so I guess that's a wash.

800 Sorella Court
Ste 940
Houston, TX 77024

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