Thursday, January 16, 2014

Corner Table - Nom Nom Paleo book signing lunch

So, David has been eating Paleo for some time. When one of the cookbook authors were foing to be in town, naturally, he wanted to go and get his book signed. 
The book signing took place at Corner Table. Usually, with Corner Table these meet and greets includes lunch. But instead, they did the signing and lunch separate. And here's 4 items selected from the cookbook. 
I had the Fast Pho. It is essentially pho with no noodles because rice is not part of the diet, so neither would the rice noodle be in it. So basically beef soup. But the beef was top notch, great quality. 
This is their Paleo Blueberry Cobbler with coconut ice cream. They sustitute the flour with various gluten free ingredients and it was nice and warm. Combined with the ice cream it was nice going down. 

The place was small and didn't anticipate the amount of people going thru. I do admire Bruce Molzan to have dound a niche that Houston needed and hopefully capitalize on it. Aside from steakhouses, there's not many restaurant that offer Paleo alternatives, little to say a higher class cuisine. 

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