Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hong Kong's Cafe

The other nostalgic place I go to often is Hong Kong's Cafe.
It's fast, it close, and it's convenient.  The only inconvenience is that they ask you to have cash only... always bring cash when you go there.
I got my lemon tea, which is nothing like tea here.  They brew Lipton, add some syrup to taste, and then lemon slices.  So when you break down the slices of lemon, the juice mixed in, it's flavorful.
This time I ordered the chicken and pork rice dish. The chicken is done is Hai Nan style, with ginger oil, which is nice and salty.  The pork is char siu style, which is red roasted.  I grew up eating this dish, always a comfort food for me.

Hong Kong's Cafe
9108 Bellaire Blvd
Ste A
Houston, TX 77036

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