Wednesday, January 22, 2014

51Fifteen - lunch

One thing about officing inside the mall is that unexpectedly, you get employee discounts.  We are talking about sodas, ice cream, and yes, lunches too.
I was at 51Fifteen not too long ago, but didn't get to take advantage of their bar (Associate) specials.  These are rotating lunch specials for bar seating only.  The cost went from $10 to $13, tip included.  And that gets you a nice entree and a drink.  

This time, I got a skirt steak, and they allow you to substitute, so I asked for mashed potato and grilled veggies.  The entire thing is hearty but not so full that you want to go back to your office and nap.  It does make a very filling lunch.  Next time you go to 51Fifteen, ask to be seated at the bar area, the service is still good, if not more attentive, get lunch at a discount, and enjoy good food.

5115 Westheimer Rd
inside Saks Fifth Ave
Houston, TX 77056

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