Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Now that I'm back to work, I met a co-worker for lunch at 51Fifteen.
I didn't know that they raised the price for Associate lunch.  The last time I was there they were charging $11 for food and tip.  Now, they charged $13 for food and tip.
The price still includes a drink.  I got an Arnold Palmer, and you can tell that's pink lemonade.
I got their pork chop.  I swear, the first time I had this, it was paired with mashed potato.  It's since been replaced with mac n' cheese.  It's not the best I've ever had, but I did forget how good the pork chop was.  Definitely coming back for that.

Don't forget, when you go in, sit at the bar or tell the hostess you want the Associate Menu to take advantage of the pricing on the good food.

5115 Westheimer Rd.
2nd floor insides Saks
Houston, TX

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