Monday, November 25, 2013

Maine-ly Sandwich

Heard alot about Maine-ly Sandwich... 
Since they took over Sugarbaby's old spot on Shepherd, I didn't mind stopping by.  Their other location is a tad out of the way, so even though I would've love to, just made it a tad harder to get out that way.  Since their second location is inside the loop, that's just made it easier.
 Of course, I ordered their famous Lobster Roll.  They claim it's Maine style.  Since I've never been there, I wouldn't know.  This is a half order, so imagine double the size that would be their normal order.  And make no mistake, you did see that piece of candy there.  Every order they throw in a piece of Salt Water Taffy.  Which they also sell.  Guess that makes sense, you go to Maine seaside, you have a lobster roll and they have taffy too.  

The roll is toasted and buttered, and the lobster is definitely meaty and generous.  I would say it's good, and in Houston, you don't find anything like this.  Overall, I've had better at the Lobster Place in Chelsea Market, NYC.  They definitely have more meat and ooze overboard than the vassal (the bread) it was held in.  Like I said, in Houston, you can't go wrong, I would go back... but is it the best I've ever had?  No.

When you get there, there's a small counter to your left is where you write down what you want to order.  If you are new to it (like I was) and there weren't anybody there, you can walk up to the counter and order it that way.  Anyway, fill out that little piece of paper, and hand it to the guy, they ring you up, you find a spot and they'll call you up for pick up.

I also chose to go before their special promotion on the coupon site went into effect.  That's a great way to get exposure to your business, but you are that much more busier for new people to try just for the heck of it.  Of course, argument goes both ways, if you have been thinking about trying it, but the price point is the reason stopping you.  Then, by all means go try it when it's discounted.

Maine-ly Sandwich
3310 Shepherd Dr.
Houston, TX 77098

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