Monday, November 11, 2013


So, for our Anniversary, we went to Fleming's for a fancy feast. 
I love their servers, all of them are knowledgable of the wine selections and pairings.
I got an Arnold Palmer, nothing fancy to speak of. The server was kind enough to bring extra lemonade os I can add to taste. How thoughtful.
For our appetizer, we split the pork belly. It came with a side of polenta. The pork belly was nice and crunchy on top of some red wine reduction sauce. Pretty delicious if you mix each bitewith polenta. The pork belly reminds me of the Chinese pork, fat and crispy.
Here's my Petite Filet Mingon. It was 6oz. I thought I coukd conquer that but still ended up w/ leftover at home.
Their Spinach side, you really get leaves.
For dessert, we got creme brulee to share. Good thing too, the thing was huge, and meant to be shared. They brought along a small bowl of whipped cream made in-house, super delicious to go witg the brulee, almost wanted to lick the bowl.
Not pictured: the Fleming's Potato. Which is essentially potato au grati. With cream and cheddar cheese baked into this giant bowl. It came with the Newport Mingon, and it was delicious, so we ordered a full size side, of course that was too much, and ended up in our doggy bag.

Ic you plan on hitting the bar, go early. By 6pm, that bar was completely filled with overflow to a small side room. So go early.

Reservations recommended
2405 West Alabama Street,
Houston, TX 77098

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