Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Nara - Ramen

So, yesterday I posted about all the dishes at Nara, today, I'm doing a special post on their Ramen.
Nara is a Korean & Japanese fusion place, so they would never claim that they are specialist in ramen.  Knowing all and well that Koreans borrow ramen from Japanese.  So, this is a good place to do a fusion.
This is the Spicy Oxtail Ramen, which even Chef Chang himself said they have to change the name because people tend to misunderstand what goes in it.  Yes, you saw shrimp, clams, and kimchi.
When Chef Chang saw our ramen arrived to the table, he said that he always thought the dish needed more kimchi because that's how they have it at their home.  Well, if that's how the chef eats, why would I argue otherwise.  So he brought us some fresh kimchi, and he's right, you put this into your noodle and soup, it is delectably good.  If they don't offer it, ask for it.
 The soup is spicy, but not so hot that you need a glass of water next to you at all time.  As a matter of fact, it's nice and full and definitely a welcome comfort soup in the cold weather.  And yes, we added the kimchi, just didn't show you it.  

The noodles isn't as good as I had hope.  Since the rest of the dishes there are super fresh and well done.  The noodle is like the egg noodles you get from the store.  But I know the Chef's sister took him to make it.  So, sorry, I know it's insulting to say what I said, but it's true.  I know the chef is going to fine tune some dishes and this is on the list, so maybe it'll be different when I go back, but for now, the dish is good for the soup, seafood, and kimchi.

Nara Houston
Inside West Ave.
2800 Kirby Dr
Houston, TX 77098

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