Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Kata Robata

Finally got a chance to meet up with my friend, Julia for lunch.  It's hard when both of us have a munchkin and our timing is base on nap times.  
We finally decided to go to Kata Robata, you can always rely on them for good sushi and great dishes.
I had ordered a Lobster Salad as a starter, but they brought this out.  I tasted it, and then begin to search for lobster.  Turns out they gave me the wrong salad.  But the sauce on this is pretty good, I wouldn't have minded eating some more, if I don't already have stuff coming.
Ahh, this is THE Lobster Salad.  They even put the shell on the plate so you'd know.  They do give you a decent chunks of lobster meat.  The only thing I don't like about this is the dressing.  It has a tad of wasabi on it, and it made it very spicy the more and quickly you eat it.  If it has the sauce of the 1st salad, I would love it.
Then I ordered the Spicy Kobe Beef Ramen.  The broth is not thick, the noodle is not as great as the ones at Soma.  But the beef is great, it has decent amount of fat and it blends in with the soup nicely.  It's not super spicy but just enough for good flavors.
I ordered a piece of uni, just because I saw Julia's looked very nice and smooth and can't help myself.
We split the Warm Banana Cake, it has this mascarpone fig ice cream and when you mix it with the cake, the banana flavors come out nicely.  It's not too heavy and you can easily devour the entire thing.  Good thing I didn't.  Just for taste will do.

When we were there, we ran into the United Airlines CEO, Jeff Smisek.  This is not the first time we ran into local 'celebrities'.  Last time we saw JJ Watt of the Houston Texans here.  So, that definitely proof that Kata has the star power for the stars of Houston.  Anyway, we chatted with Jeff briefly.  He was very friendly and was having lunch with some friends.  Nice guy, and guess they eat sushi too.

Kata Robata
3600 Kirby St
Ste H
Houston, TX 77098

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