Thursday, February 20, 2014

Dessert Gallery

It's no secret that I'm not a fan of Dessert Gallery.  Long time ago, they filled a niche, but doesn't mean that their cakes are super delicious . 
As trend would dictate, macarons needed to be on the list.   They had 4 flavors but the staff just didn't seem very interested in telling you what they have to sell.
They charge 1.95 per macaron
As you bite into it, the shell fell apart, that just tells me that you didn't sell them fast enough and been in the fridge too long.  As you as you take a bite, you already can tell everything had fallen apart.  The fillings are fresh, but I'm not confident enough to have them  again. 

You can tell that they used the Italian Method.  You can tell there's so much sugar.   Thank goodness they kept everything refrigerated, otherwise, I'm not sure how the macs would come out.  Bottom line, it's crunchy,  bring some hot cocoa or coffee to get your macarons, you'll be able to tolerate it more!

Otherwise, make sure you don't exceed one, that's all you should get.  Go across the way and go to Oui restaurant.

Dessert Galelry
3600 Kirby Suite
Houston, Tx 77098

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