Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Underbelly - San Diego

My co-worker recommended ramen for dinner.  You know, I won't say no.
 This place is called underbelly, and it's cute because it has inside and outside seating like a Japanese ramen place.
 Besides ramen, they pride themselves of their craft beer.  But since I haven't had the UCC ice green tea forever.  I only get anything UCC when I'm in Japan or if it's imported somewhere.
So I got the Tonkatsu Ramen.  The slices of pork are very delicious, it went well with the broth, which they highly recommend you slurp.  They could've go light on the ginger there...
We shared sous vided pork belly bun, which has pickled cucumber, scallion, cilantro, and a homemade ginger hoisin mayo.  Very well done, but not as good as Fat Bao's.

The noodles you can tell is not homemade.  It does have some elasticity, but it is also a tad dry.  The broth is light and very good.  But I'm not sure if it's super good enough for me to slurp the entire thing as they encourage you to do.  As a matter of fact, they do not provide a spoon is to encourage you to slurp.  Frankly, I use my spoon to help hold all the goodies I eat, so bring back the spoon.  If you think this is a traditional type Asian eatery, you're wrong.  The guys that opened this are anything but Asian.  That said, that is probably the reason why they have a wide arrange of craft beer available.  You can try alot of beer there if you want.  

You go into this small shop, order your food and beverages.  Pay, then find a seat either inside or outside.  They have the half in and half out so you can your friend can chat while one of you is inside and one of you is outside.  It's eat and hip, very fun to go along with the food.

750 W. Fir Street
San Diego, CA 92101

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