Monday, March 3, 2014

The Tasting Room - Uptown

I was meeting some ex-coworkers for Happy Hour.  We all decided to go to Tasting Room Uptown, just because it's the place that you know it's there, but you don't go often because you lack a reason.  We finally found a reason...
From sitting down, we saw the table next to us had Quesadilla, so we decided to have a try.  It was good, it had pesto chicken, tomato, and melted cheese.  The sour cream wasn't heavy, but it doesn't have taste either.  I say skip it, spare the calories for wine.
This is a copy from the table next to us, the Hummus Two Ways.  It has black bean hummus and the chickpea hummus.  The pita chips was from the Slow Dough cracker.  It was too thick for my taste, but their bread were too thick for me too.  So, at least I'm consistent there.
Of course, we cannot skip Parmesan Fries!!!  Something about dipping the ketchup and mayo.  Everything goes well with drinking of course!

The location is made for outside seating.  Just have to pick the right neighbors because if you are not a smoker and some sit next to you, they can ruin your happy hour.

Tasting Room
Uptown Park
1101-18 Uptown Park
Houston, TX 77056

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