Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sweet Paris

We went early for breakfast in the Village, and one of the better places to go is the hip Sweet Paris.
If you go early enough, it's easy to find parking and not to mention seating.  They do ask that you order your food prior to sitting down.  They also ask that if you don't have at least 3 people, you should not occupy a 4 top.  The unfortunate thing about that is people do move tables along the half-booths, so that doesn't quite work.
 For savory, I ordered the Croque Madame, which has ham, egg, cheese and b├ęchamel sauce.  So you see the sauce there.  It would've balanced out the cheese if there were enough cheese.  Their crepe just doesn't fold well, and it ended up bulky and mostly the crepe and not the fillings.
We split a sweet crepe, gluten free with buckwheat batter.  It has Nutella, banana, and strawberry.  It came with whipped cream, and it was nice to balance the taste.  But the buckwheat was not cooked all the way, so that was funny in your mouth.

I liked the space, the atmosphere, but since their food is so-so and with their more scrutinizing rules about seatings, I'm not sure I want to come when it's seemingly popular but not necessary friendly place.  I wish they understand their space is not huge, so while I understand placing the seating is necessary, but having their employees patrolling was a bit much.  Honestly, you can have better crepe with no hassle around town.  But if chic decor is what you after, then this is the place for you.

Sweet Paris
2420 Rice Blvd
Houston, TX 

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