Thursday, March 20, 2014

Lee's Bakery - Atlanta

I had to go to Atlanta for a work conference, snuck out one night to hang out with my friend Holly.  She recommended this Vietnamese place that is the place-to-be in ATL, so of course, we have to go check that out.
First off, this place is known for their Banh Mi.  It does taste good, very fresh ingredients, warm meat inside and of course, crunchy baguette.  
They have a deal that you get half of Banh Mi and a small bowl of beef pho.  That was all under $8.  Good food and good deal, can't be beat! 
I ordered the 3 colored drink, which has red (adzuki bean), mung beants, and grassjelly with coconut milk.  It's a very traditional Vietnamese drink.  But Lee's is really famous for their smoothie with boba in them.  People line up to get those when I was there.

I guess one thing about this place is that it's in the same shopping center of 2 other very good tasting and good deals places, except the others were taco joint and a Cuban food place.  And you can easily miss this place because it's behind a gas station.  But for the locals this is a very popular spot.  We see a constant stream of people getting orders to go.  They also have a bakery there, you can tell the mom and pop gets up early to bake their own baguette and other pastries.  Definitely a must try!

Lee's Bakery
4005 Buford Hwy Ste C
Atlanta, GA 30345

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