Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Cook & Collins

I had heard about Cook & Collins, and was curious... 
Actually, I got Cook & Collins mixed up with Brick & Spoon, but I'm game to try a new place.  This place is in midtown behind Spec's Warehouse, by all the bars and apartments.
Our server said that their popular brunch item was the BBQ Breakfast, which is consisted off root beer marinated pork belly, which is very good.  Not dry, well marinated, and very nice and rich.  It sits on top of a bowl of mac and cheese, which were ok.  I have had better ones elsewhere.  The dish also comes with a blue berry muffin.  Talk about starch overload.  I will say that I like my blueberry muffin warm and full of blueberry, that I don't mind.

The place look very much like a diner type of set up, but nicer and more up-classed.  But aside from that, their servers are super nice, and know their stuff.  I appreciate that.

Cook & Collins
2416 Brazos St
Houston, TX 77006

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