Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Back in Houston, Mom and I were running errands and thought to grab a quick lunch.
We ended up at Mamak, which is own by the chef that helped blossom Banana Leaf.  So alot of stuff you see on the menu, is glaringly similar as across the way...
First we have the Singapore Style fried noodles, which is super deceiving because there's alot of noodles there.  Pretty good, and very filling.
We got Salty Fish with Chinese Broccoli.  I like that because the fish really brings out the flavors of the broccoli.
Just for nostalgia sake, we got combo satay of beef and chicken.  I really dig their peanut sauce. Very good... I can lick the bowl if it's not too embarrassing.

As I mentioned before, the chef used to be at Banana Leaf, so if you've been to BL, and you see this menu, you definitely have a feeling of deja vu.  But kudos to the chef who also added some pretty obvious dishes to Malaysian cuisine so that I appreciate too.  Now granted, the menu is gear a little more towards the Chinese portion of that culture, overall you cannot order a bad dish there.

9889 Bellaire Blvd.
Facing the inside of the shopping center
Houston, TX 77036

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