Monday, June 22, 2015

EVA Air Hello Kitty Jet Launch Part

It was such an honor to be part of the EVA Air Hello Kitty Jet Launch even in Houston.  I was super stoked as a huge HK fan myself.  If you want to learn more about the plane and the party.  Go to to see more pics.

This post will talk about the food at the party, tomorrow's post will talk about the food on board.
All the tables were decorated with these lovely bouquet and of course a cute (adult) lemonade.  It's a very light version of hard lemonade, which was perfect, because that day was hot even though we were inside an air conditioned tent for the party.
I know you wanted to see the napkin up close... yep even the napkins have Hello Kitty on it.  Actually, these are actual drink napkins that will be used on board of the HK Jet.
 Little dumplings like a little purse which has pork and edamame sauce inside, very delicious and very trendy of them.  Not Pictured, also not tasted: mini salad inside hollowed cucumber, and salmon and slaw on a mini chip.  Very dainty, definitely appropriate for the event.
Alright... savory course: They have vegetarian noodles (upper left corner), which have a cute Chinese takeout boxes as their container.  Fruit Skewers, refreshing for the hot day.  Pulled Pork Slider, which they put this green sauce on it - Yummy.  Salad, and chicken skewers at the bottom.  

The slider was definitely a hit of the party.  Since this is technically a business event, there were alot of men that appreciated the sliders being available and definitely get 3 for the meal.  The green sauce I can't tell what it is, it's like a Green Goddess sauce but for meat.  Since I happen to share a table with Matt & Lyndsey, reps of the Houston Astros.  We ended up chatting instead of dissecting food.  It was very interesting, since Hello Kitty makes appearances in other baseball games, I was asking when she will come to Houston.  They did try for it last season but there was a conflict, and they will continue to bring it up for the next season.  That said, EVA Air turns out was first advertised in Houston with the Astros.  That's pretty cool to get that type of exposure for a Taiwanese Airline in Houston.  They definitely valued the Houston's Chinese Community and also gain exposure in Baseball venue.  Very cool.
 Of course you cannot have an event without cute cupcakes as dessert.  They have vanilla and chocolate cake base, and then the chocolate frosting.  The chocolate Kitty is a mint, so it does balance out all the chocolatey goodness.  Very awesome way to end the food.

EVA Air, is now flying 3 times a week out of Houston Intercontinental Airport.  For more flight info, plane, info, or fun downloads.  Go to EVA Air's site for more Kitty Goodness.

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