Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Snap Clean Start

So, not much posting going on last week, as I was doing a cleanse... so no food = no posts...
Just been feeling bleh, and decided to do a cleanse just to see how I feel.  Last time I did a cleanse was 3 years ago.  Just wanted to see if it'll help me feel better.
 These are my morning juices... 
8am: Super Greens - It has Romaine lettuce, parsley, cucumber, kale, lemon, spinach, celery.  Over all, it doesn't taste so bad despite that fact that I'm not a parsley celery fan.  But it's essentially you drinking a salad with lemon sauce on top.  It goes down easy.  No issue there.
10am: Energy Boost - It has lime, papaya, watermelon, mint and coconut water.  All of those separately I'd be happy to take, in vast amount no less.  But for some reason, this combo together just did not rock my boat as I had hoped.  The lime gave it a real kick, so what could've been sweet between the watermelon and coconut water and the papaya, it just got more sour.
Noon: Anti-Oxidant - It has beet, apple, cayenne pepper, garlic, lemon, carrot, jalapeno, cilantro.  Ok, this is the worst one of the entire day.  I know that drinking this will have a kick going down, simply because I've done the lemonade diet before and you do drink this lemonade with cayenne pepper with maple syrup deal.  But this takes it to entire level.  First of all, not a fan of beet.  Second, definitely have an aversion against garlic and jalapeno.  So, it just tasted awful.  For every sip I took, I chased it down with water.  So, needless to say, I pretty much drink the entire bottle equivalent of water along with this.  Bleh!
 2:30p: Carrot Ginger Elixer - It has carrot, apple, lime, ginger.  Not a fan of ginger either, but it goes down ok.  Not too bad.  It was a tad refreshing, which I was surprised about.
5pm: Spicy Basil Lemonade - As described on the name, it has basil, lemonade, cayenne pepper, palm sugar and water.  This is what I expected the Anti-Oxidant to taste like.  Refreshing up front and a kick going down.  As good as that might sound, I did have to slow myself down, just felt like fire going down my throat.
7:30p: Chai Cashew Milkshake - It has cashew, vanilla, cinnamon, date, ginger, salt, cardamom, nutmeg, clover.  I actually was very much looking forward to this.  I've had this at Snap before and of course know what to expect.  I knew this will weigh my tummy down and it'll taste good too.  I can do without the cardamom, nutmeg and clover though.

Overall, it's not too bad.  The first day I had a horrific headache.  Second day I dreamt that I was hungry in my sleep but in reality I wasn't hungry at all.  By the 3rd day, since I know that was my last day, I think subconsciously my body is already asking for solid food.  I was truly hungry by the last juice that night.  My system did feel better.  One co-worker was asking if I had diarrhea, the answer was no.  System functioned normally.  I will say that after that, I went to bathroom more often for the liquid in-take and the water I drank chasing the bad taste down.  The following day I had normal food (i.e. eggs and bacon for breakfast) and I swear I can feel my intestines working hard to process.   

As you can see, it comes with a handy dandy carrier for easy of purchase and/or carrying it around.  I pretty much took the entire thing to work just because all but one takes place during working hours.  The not-so-good tasting ones, does take me a long time to finish, and by the time I finish that, I realized it's time for the next one.  So, I felt like I'm drinking all day long.  But, by the 3rd day, it didn't feel so slaved to follow the schedule.  And I got a little more liberty on the timing.  If I don't hit 2:30p exactly, whatever.  I did try to stick to the order of the drinks though.

I find it easier to purchase the bottles at night than in the morning.  I have this myth in my head that the juice delivered in the morning is fresher versus the ones at the end of the day.  That said, it stressed me out on the timing of leaving the house, going to Snap (which is not on my way of either of their locations), and making it to work on time.  Not to mention, one day, we pulled up before the juice delivery truck did.  So, I almost had to break the days but luckily the driver had some, and mind you, the poor guy had to go and dig for 2 juices.  To do the cleanse is $47 (tax included), but if you go out to eat 3 meals plus tax and tip, it's about that if not more.  So, it's not bad.

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