Monday, September 21, 2015

Three Brothers

Didn't know there's a Three Brothers down on Washington Ave, so went to meet a friend for a quick breakfast.  The problem is that everything they have looked so good, it was so hard to make a decision.
I got lox and bagel, the cream cheese is nice, and lox is out of a package.  But the combo is decent.
You can't come here and not get something from the display case, which has a wide array of everything.  I got an apricot danish and a rugalach.  The pastry was delicious, the side was flaky but not messy, the filling (which let's face it - is the whole reason) was fresh.  That part you can tell they made.  Not too sweet and not too blend, just right.  The rugalach was nice and flaky as it should be and didn't even last 2 bites.

I like the feel of the place very casual cafe style.  The servers however, is a hit or miss.  The lady we had assumed we know how it all works and even I told her that I've never been, she wasn't much helpful.  Conversely, my friend got a different person and she was above and beyond helpful, so it really depends on who you get.

Three Brothers Bakery
4606 Washington Ae
Houston, TX 77007
713-522- CAKE

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