Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bar Bazzar

Drove by this very hip, well in Clear Lake standard, hip coffee shop in the area.
but found no good info online, so had to stop in to check it out.
Bar Bazzar besides, chocolate, coffee, and espresso, they also serve breakfast & lunch.
If coffee is not your thing, you can get Smoothies, teas, juices, and crafted sodas.
Very nice and upscaled decor and this is just for the chocolate section.  You can do fudge, artisan chocolates, just pay to your right, which looks like...
This, sorry it's a tad dark.  This is where they make coffee, take your order (and your money) and it's attached to their kitchen.
I ordered a Green Tea Chai Latte.  Had to say that because it's To-Go, they didn't do the latte art on there.  That was a bit disappointing, BUT!  The taste of the latte made up for it.  It's pretty damn good.  I don't mind getting that again.
I also got a chocolate cookie to go.  Which cost $2.  That said, I get that they're trying to have some sort of presentation with my to-go order.  So, I waited longer for the cookie than I did the latte.  So, it's nice and piping hot.  It's so hot that you can't pick it up to eat right away.  Well, the wise thing would be to let it cool off, so I did.  EXCEPT, it became rock hard, harder than moon rocks.  I can't even taste the chocolate chips, which I can see it's in there, but don't know where the taste went.  Curious.

The place does give off the hoity toity vibe, but it's none of the sort when you walk in. All the servers are friendly.  The afternoon I went, there was not a seat to be found, and it's not because people bought a cup of coffee and camp out all day.  These people are buying food and enjoying the afternoon.  So, don't be surprise when you get there, it's packed.  Definitely will go back and try other coffee or non-coffee drinks.

Bar Bazzar
702 West Bay Area Blvd
Webster, TX

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