Tuesday, September 29, 2015

HRW: Peska

Another late post for Restaurant Week.  Went to Peska.
It was all nice and shiny for sure in the brand new space.  I would say, if your olfactory is strong, do not sit near the bar or the front area, the fish smell is strong.
 Amuse bouche is a tomato shrimp soup to get you started.
 This is the Oyster Trio for starter.  Pretty fresh, not gamey at all.  It came with a little sauce that goes well, but not what I would choose.
 Tostada Caramelo, minced yellowfin, citrus soy and caramelized red onion.  The yellowfin was in sashimi style.  I liked this alot, wouldn't have minded a lot more of this.
Pappardelle al mare, calamari and clams, butter, garlic, and of course pasta.  The butter and pasta goes super well together, the clams I think I would've liked more taste from it.  The calamari was good, it's weird they are all good, but together they don't exactly make the best dish.  It's not bad, but not as great as I'd hoped.

The service is great, from the hostess to the server to the bussers.  They all made sure that we have what we needed and we get our food in a promptly timing for lunch.  So, I can't complain about that at all.  Maybe, next time I will go by the menu and maybe it'll be better.

Peska Seafood
1700 Post Oak Blvd
Houston, TX 77056

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