Thursday, September 24, 2015

La Madeleine's

Was looking for a quick lunch...
I was at a conference thing and not familiar with the hood, but saw a tried and true La Madeleine and you know you're all set.  The first day we went kinda late, and the line was out the door.  The next day we smarten up and got there early.  And line wasn't so bad, but the seats were filling up quickly.  I got the Strawberry and Bacon Salad with marinated chicken.  Little did I know, they are super filling.  They have tons of meat, spinach, and talk about overflowing.  I didn't even finish it's so much food.  Of course, my eyes were bigger than my stomach, so I got the lemonade and a dessert.  The lemonade, sadly, were super zingy and tart, like someone forgot to put in sugar.  The dessert was a Sacher tart mini, super chocolately, but since I couldn't even finish my salad, I can't eat the dessert and ended taking it home.  It was just alot of food for a very good price.

La Madeleine's
10001 Westheimer Rd
Ste 2123
Houston, TX 77042

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