Monday, October 5, 2015

Samurai Noodle

Went to grab lunch over at Samurai Noodle
If you go right after lunch peak, plenty of space, no wait and good service.
 Got a iced green tea.  That guy actually brewed the green tea and then put it over ice.  It was super refreshing, since it's not super sweet.
 I got the fried calamari.  It was nice and fried not like tempura with too much battered and not too oily or greasy.  I wouldn't mind getting another order.
This is the Tonkontsu.  I know they make their own noodles, but it's not as good as a tasting I had done with the owner before.  The pork is yummy fall off the bone good, but the soup wasn't as 'fatty' or as flavorful as I'd hope.

Before the store was opened, the owner did a tasting with a few of us, and the noodle was probably sun noodle but the soup was super flavorful and though, that was a while ago, the taste was memorable.  Not so much this round.  I will say, that everyone from front of the house to the back, all cook, served, take money, and bust.  I really appreciate that.

Samurai Noodle
1801 Durham #2
Houston, TX 77007

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