Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Sushi Rock

Drove by a few times, was hoping to give them a shot.
I went right when they open, so it was nice and quite.
Ordered the agadashi tofu, which according to the menu, there were supposed to be 4 squares, but as you can see...
Got an Hawaiian Handroll - aka eel hand roll.  It was ok, nothing too spectacular, but nothing bad, either.
I ordered nigris, clockwise, salmon nigri, tuna nigri, unagi nigri, and chopped scallop.  The Salmond & Tuna are ok, nothing to write home about.  Same goes for Unagi, they are super stingy about the eel sauce, which is what makes it taste good.  The chopped scallop, I would advise don't bother.  It has no taste, doesn't matter if you put soy sauce on it, they taste like they just thawed out.  I told the server about it, and ordered something else instead. 
Ended up with vegetable tempura, which it's pretty hard to screw up.  But they are also tasteless.  Sadly, they manage to screw up the most non-screw-upable dish.  It's really the panko they used, it was not the right kind.

They have happy hour from 5-7p Monday thru Friday, and Saturday & Sunday, from Noon to 7pm.  And while the prices are decent, in this case, you felt like you get what you paid for.  It was not a good deal if they don't taste good, that's just waste of calories at that point.

Sushi Rock
2400 W. Holcomb Blvd
Houston, TX 77030

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